Tips and Tricks

1. When recipes like pie dough call for ice water, just use a mixed drink/cocktail shaker and fill it with water and ice. Shake well and pour the water through the top of the lid (strainer) it will leave the ice behind and give you nice cold water.

2.  Use an old washed Popsicle stick to level off your dry ingredients from your measuring cup.

3. Make your own version of Cafe Au Lait without heading to the nearest Starbucks. Simply microwave your milk in a large cup for 10-20 seconds then using a french press, pump the plunger up and down until the foam develops.

4. To pit a cherry, take an old glass coke bottle or wine bottle and place the cherry on the mouth of the bottle. Using a chopstick pierce through the center of the cherry, pushing the pit into the bottom of the bottle.

5. To freeze raw meat you just bought at the store, remember to place the meat label from the butcher on the ziploc bag so you don’t forget in a few months what kind of meat you bought.

6. To keep chicken kebabs moist on the grill, use bacon paste to coat the chicken pieces. Simply pulse chopped bacon in a food processor until smooth and then toss with your remaining seasonings and spread it onto the chicken.

7.  For the ultimate flavorful grilled burger, coat the raw ground beef in a little melted butter. This ensures perfect browning and makes sure the burgers cook up nice and juicy.

8. Keep the plastic containers your fresh berries come in from the store and use them to store your fresh herbs. Just wash your herbs, wrapped them in a damp paper towel and place them in the container. The openings in the containers let air circulate which helps keep the herbs fresh and prevent them from being crushed.

9. Make Coffee On the Rocks by using ice cube trays to fill up with leftover coffee. Allow the coffee cubes to freeze then place in ziploc bags to use a cube when you want to make a frozen coffee drink, especially in the summer heat!

10. To scrub baked on food off glass pans or oven racks. Use a ball of waded up foil in place of a steel-wool soap pad. Its a great way to recycle those clean but unused pieces of foil.