The Best Crawfish Etouffee Ever!


Crawfish Etouffee- A Southern Creole Classic!   I could not possibly let this chilly season go by (yes it’s almost gone for us here in Houston) without posting one of our family’s favorite southern classics. With crawfish season just around the corner this dish can be made even easier by using the leftover crawfish meat {Read More…}

Roasted Tomato Seven Bean Soup


Before I begin this post I just want to thank each of everyone of you who were continually praying for my son Connor over this past week. I truly believe it was your prayers and the Lord’s healing power that brought us so quickly out of NICU, to a normal room and back home in {Read More…}

Sicilian Fish Stew


I am in the mood for stew. Not soup, not stoup, not chowder or even chili but stew. After being up all hours of the night and finally getting little man off to mommy’s day out I am left with a sleeping baby on my hip and a hungry, growling tummy. It is freezing outside, {Read More…}

Shrimp Stew and Wish List Item


Do you all remember back in the summer when I did my shrimp boil? Here is a picture to jog your memory! Well, my friends- I don’t like to keep secrets from you so now is the time I must admit just how simply amazing the leftovers from that shrimp boil were in my shrimp {Read More…}

Roasted Panzanella Salad- My Way


I titled this post Panzanella Salad- My Way because I didn’t want to confuse anyone as they stopped by and caught a glimpse of my Panzanella. I thought some might have a fit over my ingredients and method of choice. Not to be one to cause contention among the food blogging world I wanted to get {Read More…}

Homemade Chicken Stock: The Secret Recipe Club


Today I am venturing into the unknown and taking the chance by making my own chicken stock. Yes, I know it has taken me a while to jump on this bandwagon but I just always enjoyed the ease  of buying the stock in the store and having them at moment’s notice in my pantry not {Read More…}

Thyme Scented Three Bean Cassoulet


I feel like the world is going to come to an end with this post. As if Julia Child herself is going to magically appear and give me a big fat F for my latest dish- My Three Bean Cassoulet. This was my first time making a cassoulet and I was a little skeptical if {Read More…}

Basil Coated Grill Cheese with Prosciutto and 3 Cheeses


In honor of grilled cheese month, no one is sure who exactly decided this way back when, I wanted to do something extra special with my grilled cheese sandwiches. I am all about the cheese! When I was pregnant my favorite two things to eat where grilled cheese dunked in hot soup and chicken salad {Read More…}

Beef Stew with Mushrooms, Onions & Artichokes


I am usually not a beef stew fan but lately I have been craving a big heaping bowl of stew. Guess it is the drastic change in weather. You see, most places get cold around November with extreme coldness in December and January. For us Texans down south, we get slightly cool in November, kinda {Read More…}

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