Caprese Open Face Sandwich


Is it just me or are tomatoes just everywhere. I am finding little mom and pop stands on every street corner selling them, they have graced the cover of every magazine I pass by and more importantly I have a pleather full of them in my backyard. My tomato plant just keeps going and going {Read More…}

Gluten Free Lemon Poppy Seed Bread- Almond Flour


Lemon Poppy Seed bread is one of the select sweet treats that are sacred in my house. You don’t touch my chocolate chip cookies, you don’t touch my cinnamon rolls, and you certainly do not touch my lemon poppy seed bread ) well, you can touch if you ask nicely:)). Growing up we had this {Read More…}

Apache Bread + Crawfish Etouffee


When you think of the South- What do you think about? I bet some of you would reply with the standard- Sweet Tea or Front Porch Swings. Some may say football or row and rows of cotton but to those of us who are regulars in and around parts of South Louisiana- our answer would {Read More…}

Dark Chocolate, Coconut and Sunflower Seed “Panettone”


Panettone! Its sweet, chewy, fluffy, moist, delicious and loaded with refreshing and yet sinful flavors. It is the traditional Christmas Bread throughout Italy and it deserves all the praise it gets. The texture resembles that of bread but the flavor is like cake and a yummy cake at that. There are two different methods for {Read More…}

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread


I know for a fact that my son got his sweet tooth from his momma! This kid loves cinnamon. A picky eater he is but I have learned that a little bit of cinnamon goes a long way to getting him to try something new. Too bad I can’t top things like soup and meat {Read More…}

Ham, Cheese and Chipotle Scones


I saw a scone recipe in a magazine I was reading while waiting in line at the grocery store but before I could read any of the ingredients I was not so nicely asked are you ready to check out! So for the first time ever I sadly proceeded to the counter to check out- {Read More…}

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls


Cinnamon rolls need no introduction. They are the ultimate sweet treat for breakfast or dessert, drizzled with sweet cream and loaded with cinnamon and brown sugar. The irresistible and sinful aroma of the rolls can turn any day into pure bliss. At the moment I am personally intoxicated on cinnamon rolls and I must warn you {Read More…}

Jalapeño and Cheese Bread


Maybe this is just me but I find myself in need of a good loaf of bread for dinner on the exact days that I have no BREAD in the house. No refriegarted pie crust to twist into bread, no cresecent rolls or biscuits for that matter. Nothing. On a day like this there are {Read More…}

Olive Oil Giveaway & Chipotle Bread


There a million and one different ways to use olive oils and vinegars and I am here to tell you there is nothing better- NOTHING, than an infused olive oil. Infusing involves mixing items such as herbs or fresh fruit zest with different types of oils and vinegars.  The outcome is simply magical, something so honest and {Read More…}

Homemade Pretzels


Oh I couldn’t wait to get typing on this post after trying out the most moist, perfectly crispy and buttery pretzels I have ever put in my mouth. No I didn’t grab a pretzel from Aunt Annies or the bread shop. I made my own from a very simple recipe by Alton Brown and it {Read More…}

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