Willie’s Crazy Bread


This bread makes me Happy, Happy, Happy! Picture These Ingredients together and let me know if you are not drooling all over the place and HAPPY! If you are not then we may need to have a talk as something may possibly be wrong with ya:))) Kidding of course! Okay so the components are French {Read More…}

Mardi Gras Kings Cake


I am always searching for the ultimate Kings Cake. There aren’t as many recipes out there as you may think. John Besh has his, then there is Emeril, Lottie and Doff  and other well known chefs and blogs. Sandra Lee even has a semi-homemade version. But seriously Sandra- nothing beats the real thing! Well, my philosophy on {Read More…}

Southern Pizza Slab Pie


When you think pie, Do you think Pizza? Well, you might if you lived up North and are accustomed to big ole slices of pizza with crust on the top and bottom but down here in the South when we think of pie we think Blueberry, Blackberry, Strawberry or yours truly personal favorite- Peach Pie. {Read More…}

Gluten Free Sausage Breakfast Casserole


Shhh! I am not supposed to say the word casserole within 10 feet of my husband! I think my secret might be safe with you guys though:))) Breakfast casseroles are nothing new to the scene but gluten free breakfast casseroles is a whole different story. So you see the thing is-gluten free bread has the {Read More…}

Old School 7 Up Biscuits


Oh boy, here I go! Okay, a few weeks back or so I saw where someone mentioned needing the recipe for 7 up biscuits on facebook and almost immediately a flood of memories came gushing at me of eating buttery+flaky+decadent+moist+melt in your mouth delicious biscuits at my grandmother’s (the queen bee) old kitchen table with {Read More…}

Caprese Open Face Sandwich


Is it just me or are tomatoes just everywhere. I am finding little mom and pop stands on every street corner selling them, they have graced the cover of every magazine I pass by and more importantly I have a pleather full of them in my backyard. My tomato plant just keeps going and going {Read More…}

Eggplant Napoleon


I am so excited to tell you all about this dish. It was fun to make and a first for me because I typically lean more towards full-bodied meals rather than dainty little sides but as soon as I saw the inspiration (the cutest little baby eggplants) for my Eggplant Napoleon I was fired up {Read More…}

Apache Bread + Crawfish Etouffee


When you think of the South- What do you think about? I bet some of you would reply with the standard- Sweet Tea or Front Porch Swings. Some may say football or row and rows of cotton but to those of us who are regulars in and around parts of South Louisiana- our answer would {Read More…}

Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese Topping ( out of this world)


It’s beginning to smell a lot like fall! Well at least it is in my house. I am trying to pretend it is fairly cool outside even though we are actually still reaching a whopping 90 degrees today here in Houston. No worries, if fall won’t come to me I will make fall! Every year {Read More…}

Zucchini “Ice Cream” Yogurt Sandwiches


Who can resist an ice cream sandwich? What if I told you that you could eat an ice cream sandwich everyday and feel good about it? I don’t lie! With my zucchini “ice cream” yogurt sandwiches you are getting a dose of veggies, calcium and the perfect balance of sweetnes with a hint of brown sugar and {Read More…}

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