Gluten Free Basil Strawberry Shortcake+Strawberry Mash+Strawberry Farm

ย What is the one thing food that reminds you of summer? Okay, two things? Is it sweet tea, hot dogs or juicy corn? What about burgers, lemonade or grilled chicken. What to know my two things? Fresh Strawberries and Homemade Ice Cream. The thought of each of these things makes me kinda giddy and I start reminiscing through all the years growing up on the lake, the fourth of July festivals, the boats, the long nights watching my brother play baseball and of course- the days on end full of homemade ice cream and fresh strawberries.

I am not sure when strawberry season peaks for you all but here in Houston the prime time is May. So when our local Atkinson Farms raised that happy little sign saying, “Strawberry Season is Here” we were more than willing to travel 30 miles to get our fill. So with our strawberry pickin game faces on we loaded up and headed out in the heat to for those precious little berries.

If you ever find yourself in a little predicament of what to do with all your million baskets of strawberries- have no fear- I have the perfect solutions or solutions. One is called Strawberry Mash. Let me give you the lowdown on strawberry mash. It is truly as easy as it sounds. You take your washed and cut berries and place them in a large bowl and with your potato masher just start mashing until you get a nice slushy red mash with bits and piece of strawberries throughout. Pretty simple huh? So what do you do with 4 containers of strawberry mash? Well, you freeze them first of all and then secondly you take them out at your convenience when it is time for a homemade strawberry pie or a fresh strawberry smoothie or better yet- Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream (that post is real soon-promise) and Homemade Strawberry Shortcakes.

I know one certain SIL (no names but I only have 2 ?) that would kill for her strawberry shortcake. Okay, not kill, because she is the sweetest thing on this earthย  but she might be tempted to do some bodily harm for a bite, or two or three. With that said, when I set out to make the shortcake I knew I had stiff competition with my SIL who knows a thing or two about shortcakes. Although we live 7 hours away from each other I knew she would be trying out this recipe and I needed to impress. I honestly never intended for the shortcakes to be gluten free but the thing is sometimes when I multi-task I can mess up! What! No you say? Yes, indeed it is true and in this case I grabbed my GF flour mix bin instead of my AP flour bin and lo and behold you have yourself a gluten free shortcake. Now please note that more times than not you can’t or won’t be able to simply substitute a gluten free flour for an All Purpose one but in the case with these babies it turned out fantastic and I can’t say it was my intention but boy I am glad it happened that way because now I have the most amazing gluten free shortcake recipe that I swear by! The secret to the shortcakes though is the addition of Devo Basil Olive Oil into the shortcakes and brushed on top before baking. It brings the flavor of the berries out and just propels it to the next level. You’ll see- give it a try and top it off with a huge dollop of your strawberry mash -mixed with a little sugar of course:)

Gluten Free Basil Strawberry Shortcake+Strawberry Mash+Strawberry Farm
  • Homemade Gluten Free Mix:
  • 1¼ cups brown rice flour
  • ¼ cup tapioca starch
  • 1 tsp xanthan gum
  • or you can simply omit above and use 1¾ cup of Gluten Free Baking Mix
  • or you can use 1¾ All Purpose Flour
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 8 TBSP butter, cold
  • ¾ cup buttermilk
  • 1 egg
  • ½ tsp vanilla
  • 2 tsp of Devo Basil Olive Oil
  • 1 cup of strawberry mash or 1 cup of fresh or frozen strawberries sliced and or thawed
  1. Sift together dry ingredients in a large bowl. Cut in the butter. Whisk together the wet ingredients including the basil olive oil and pour into the dry ingredients. Stir until a dough begins to form.
  2. Turn the dough out onto a lightly GF or non GF floured surface. Knead the dough until it forms a ball. Roll it out into ½ inch thick and using a biscuit cutter cut out as many circles as you can, Place on a non-stick baking sheet and brush the tops of the biscuits with a combination of 1 tbsp of milk and 1 tsp of basil olive oil and sprinkle with coarse sugar. Bake biscuits in 350 preheated oven for 12-14 minutes, or until a nice golden brown on top.
  3. Allow to cool. Mix the cup of strawberry mash with 2-3 TBSP of sugar and spoon on top of the shortcakes with a dollop of whipping cream (Optional)


  1. Sues

    Strawberry Mash is the best idea ever! I want to put it over everything ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. kitchen flavours

    Strawberry mash is delicious! My kids love it with homemade yoghurt, with a drizzle of honey! I have not had it with shortcake before, looks very, very good!
    Strawberry picking? I’m so jealous!
    Your sons are very cute!

  3. Pure Complex

    Look at those beautiful and delicious strawberries. I love this. I would put this on every biscuit or shortcake I have lol

  4. yummychunklet

    Strawberries are my top priority when I got to the farmers market tomorrow. And, I’ll have to make these shortcakes to go with them!

  5. Gerry @ Foodness Gracious

    Wow, the shortcake sounds awesome but with all of the strawberryliciousness on it takes it to another level!!

  6. Mandy - The Complete Cook Book

    Your boys are adorable Belle and what a happy accident with the flour.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Mandy xo

  7. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

    I’m all about strawberries lately too!

  8. angela @ another bite please

    strawberry season is quite here yet in WI…but when it arrives i am like get there and pick and enjoy. the cutest is the kiddos. our family can never get enough of fresh strawberries…and i am sure this mash would be a huge hit for after dinner treat ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Anna and Liz Recipes

    Ok , now that I am living in the South, I agree with you on foods that remind me of Summer! And your boys are getting so big! So adorable! Have a great weekend!

  10. Mary

    What a fabulous idea – your mash has left me drooling!!! I could pluck those shortcakes right off the computer screen! Gorgeous pictures :))
    Mary x

  11. Bree {Skinny Mommy}

    Your boys are adorable! I am jealous that you are swimming in strawberries-yum!

  12. Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

    Oh, brilliant daughter, you’ve done it again! The food looks gorgeous and makes me want to make some promptly– but the inclusion of the ATS Beau Czars takes this post over the top for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. jackie @ marin mama cooks

    Ok, first off I love seeing the pictures of the kiddos and they look like they’re in strawberry heaven! I also love the idea of that strawberry mash, that you can freeze and use in ice-cream later or just throw in a pie. Such a great and simple idea. I’m so waiting for that ice cream recipe girl. Ok, I’m writing you and it’s 11:30 in the morning and I so want to go and take a nap. Isn’t that sad? I’m so darn tired with the end of the year hoopla that I just want to enjoy the quiet time in the house before the chaos of next week. Ok, going to get away from the computer and motivate so I don’t take a nap. It sounds like all is well in your world, which makes me happy! Take care and enjoy those strawberries and those yummy shortcakes! BTW, the foods that remind me of summer are strawberries and shortcake of course, burgers and corn on the cob and my dad’s homemade sun tea! xoxo, Jackie

  14. Kiran @

    I wish I had access to better looking strawberries! This looks delish and what a great day to spend time at the strawberry farm ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Liz

    I’m SO glad being gluten free isn’t preventing you to eat/make some impressive desserts. I love the idea of adding some basil oil to strawberry shortcakes…well done, my friend! xo

  16. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    Is there anything better than a basketful of strawberries? I could use every berry I could get from jam to ice cream to pie and finally to your shortcake. ๐Ÿ™‚ The color is wonderful.

  17. Irina @ wandercrush

    This looks amazingโ€”I cannot wait to make good use of the new summer berries. I’m always surprised at how well basil works with the sweetness of fruits!

  18. Veronica's Kitchen

    I can’t wait for our strawberry season to come to try this! My son loves strawberry and even he is a big boy now he still does! Your two boys are growing fast and cute!

  19. Balvinder

    We are stepping into strawberry season and I would love to make the shortcakes with strawberry mash.

  20. lena

    we do have strawberry farms here , up on the hills..due to climate conditions. Never thought of strawberry mash on strawberry shortcakes, that looks good!

  21. Kristy

    I have never been to pick fresh strawberries. We go raspberry picking, but never seem to time it right with strawberries. I have to change that. I looks like too much fun and look at all the deliciousness you get from it!!! Your boys are just adorable Jessica. I can’t believe how much they’ve grown. Too cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen

    What a gorgeous strawberry shortcake. It’s strawberry season in our mountains too and they have really been delicious this year.

  23. Ruth

    Those look amazing.

  24. Joanne

    Strawberries definitely SCREAM spring to me! I love the sound of these gluten-free shortcakes! Such a delicious treat.

  25. Nami | Just One Cookbook

    OMG your children are growing up so fast! They are super adorable! We are crazy about strawberries too, but haven’t gone strawberry picking yet (we went cherry picking past weekend). Love your strawberry shortcake!

  26. Asmita

    We love strawberries too though I haven’t gone strawberry picking yet. Your boys are super cute!

    Got to try these strawberry shortcakes, here in Fl strawberries are so cheap right now.

  27. Roz

    I’m with you Jessica! Strawberries have spring written all over them. Sadly, my favorite strawberry farm has had its last pickings and all the goodies were harvested while I was in Hawaii. But I managed to buy 2 bushels and freeze a bunch! I made some strawberry ice cream too! But these shortcakes! You were reading my mind (as usual)!

    Here’s to SPRING and STRAWBERRIES!

    Hugs and kisses,

  28. nancy at good food matters

    Love the brilliant RED of your strawberry mash–a great way to preserve the precious berries, which have come and gone here in Tennessee. Now, its becoming Peach Season, with Blackberries soon to follow. your gluten free shortcake would work just as nicely with those sweet fruits, too.

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