Oat Granola Sandwich Cookies- Semi-homemade via Quaker

Cookies!!! Aren’t they just the most wonderful thing in the world. I personally am obsessed with them and I have reluctantly passed this obsession on to my kids. Every day at some point or another you can find me chomping down on a cookie and because of this my kids think they need to chomp down on one too. Now I’m a sucker for big brown eyes and a puppy dog face so more times than not I cave in and give them not just a cookie but not just any cookie! A healthy energy packed cookie loaded with goodness and more times than not I join them in this sweet treat!

One of our favorite cookies that we enjoy as a family and always have on hand is the Quaker Mixed Berry Cookies. They have the perfect texture and consistency and the hints of berries throughout make them extra special. They are sweet, they are lightly salty and just right for the kids. I never mind giving them one of these and I know I can feel good about it. As spring begins and summer approaches here in the south we are never short of hot days so with these cookies in mind I treated my hungry boys to a nice cold Berry Cookie Yogurt Sandwich.

Now, typically the cookies are crispy but once they have been slathered with a nice creamy yogurt in the center and frozen- they turn into this incredibly chewy sandwich cookie. The form is still there as they stay together very nicely but the center is nice and soft giving way to the ice cold yogurt. It’s a semi- homemade treat and one that you can easily customize to your liking. Chose from the variety of cookie flavors Quaker has to offer and mix it up by using different flavored yogurt in the middle or even Shh! ICE CREAM! Dip the edges in mini chic chips or sprinkles and the possibilities are endless! Needless to say you will have some happy days ahead!


Why its very simple. Take the cookies- slather your favorite yogurt or slightly softened ice cream on the top of one cookie and place another cookie on top of the filling- forming the perfect cookie sandwich. Place in a ziplic container and freeze for at least 2 hours.  ENJOY!

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  1. Ooh, that frosting looks good! My nieces are visiting in two weeks, so I’ll have to make these with them!
    yummychunklet recently posted..Vegan Strawberry Shortcake Stacked PancakesMy Profile

  2. This is some serious deliciousness!
    val recently posted..Stuffed Peppers with Sausage and PotatoesMy Profile

  3. Nothing wrong with semi-homemade! Great idea when you are short for time!
    Anna and Liz Recipes recently posted..Chicken Tenders Smothered in Lemon and ParsleyMy Profile

  4. Never thought of freezing cookies could be so tasty! You’re so clever! Have a Happy Mother’s Day!
    Veronica’s Kitchen recently posted..Pumpkin and Ricotta Puffs with Avocado Green SaladMy Profile

  5. kitchen flavours says:

    These look good! I would happily munch on these too, anytime!

  6. What a lovely idea – simple is always the best way to go – especially where cookies and frosting are concerned! Delicious
    Mary x
    Mary recently posted..Gwyneth Paltrow’s Roasted Cauliflower and ChickpeasMy Profile

  7. Semin-homemade…My kinda recipe!

  8. Semi-homemade…not semin. Ha!
    Kristin recently posted..Flashback to the EightiesMy Profile

  9. This would totally rock with home made oatmeal cookies.
    Eva Taylor recently posted..Lemony ChickenMy Profile

  10. I don’t think I would be able to stop Miss A from eating every last one of these. Not only is she a cookie junkie, but also an oat/berry junkie. Then you add yogurt to that mix….she’d be unstoppable. No question. Great idea! Happy Mother’s Day!!!
    Kristy recently posted..Land of SmilesMy Profile

  11. Simply lovely!
    Asmita recently posted..Vegetarian Mince-”Kheema”My Profile

  12. I would love to try them. Happy Mother’s day!
    Helene recently posted..The perfect – imperfect cake for Mother’s Day!My Profile

  13. I could eat filled cookies all day long and any oatmeal cookie is a friend of mine! Happy Mother’s Day Jessica!!!!!!

    Roz recently posted..Risotto alla MilaneseMy Profile

  14. What a neat idea!! and healthy too. I love berries and cookies too:)
    Malli recently posted..#278 Fish Pickle from the land of Coconut PalmsMy Profile

  15. Love this!! I would totalyl put Fluff in between mine :)

  16. dont think we hv these cookies available here but i like the idea of sandwiching them with ice cream!

  17. Love this easy quick delicious recipe! I would love to make ice cream sandwich with this!
    Nami | Just One Cookbook recently posted..Temaki Sushi (Hand Roll)My Profile

  18. I’m all for ice cream sandwiches and this looks divine!!
    Kiran @ KiranTarun.com recently posted..Methi Malai ChickenMy Profile

  19. I love sandwich cookies. hey, 2 cookies are always better than one, right? :) I think so, especially with such a yummy and healthy filling in between!
    Amy Tong recently posted..Egg Whites Sweet Crab Omelets and Smoky Caprese SaladMy Profile

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