Roasted Corn, Edamame and Black Bean Burger

I wanted to name this post the Ultimate Veggie Burger but I thought that wouldn’t do the burger justice because the ingredients are truly the star- not the title. Yes, Yes I roasted my corn again. I am sorry- I just can’t help it. The smell of charred corn makes me happy and brings me back to my childhood- so bare with me on the corn okay- especially nearing summer- your gonna see a lot of it around these parts:)

Why go the extra mile and eat a veggie burger? Well, a) It is significantly healthier and b) It can be customized to suit your own taste.There are two complaints I hear the most when it comes to a veggie burger. Let’s discuss shall we? First Complaint-“It is tasteless”- My Response- You are either not cooking it properly or your not using the right ingredients. No one said that because you are using veggies you can’t have flavor- and flavor comes from seasonings and seasonings my friends is your BEST FRIEND. Red pepper flakes, dash of cayenne or paprika and a pinch of dry mustard is sure to pump up the volume in the veggies- especially when mixed with my secret ingredient- SUGAR! Yep, not that I am biased or anything with my “sweet friend” (get it?) but using sugar to caramelize the veggies before you pat them up does a world of good by bringing out the most terrific flavor in each vegetable. For as long as I can remember my mom and grandmother always put a pinch handful of sugar in their fried corn while sauteing it over the stove. It brings out the natural sweetness to the corn and guess what? IT WORKS ON ALL VEGGIES – okay most of them:)

The Second Complaint I hear is ” They don’t fill me up”. Well honey, I am not sure what veggie burger you have been eating but a pattie loaded with beans, edamame and corn is rich in vitamins and minerals and specifically Protein and Fiber. Most of us know the benefits to beans but edamame alone packs enough fiber to balance out that digestive system and fill you up! Toss in some mushrooms and you are ready for a long winters nap:) Seriously, veggie burgers can be and are just as filling if not more than regular beef patties and better for you. Subtract the bun or replace with a Gluten Free bun and you have a fantastic Gluten Free Burger! So grab your canned beans (yep I said canned) a corn cob and a package of steamed edamame and let’s get to work:) Your kids are gonna love this!

Speaking of Kids. Try my Fun Mini Backyard Veggie Burgers for a new twist on the classic picnic lunch. See the spread in Southern Child’s Magazine.

Roasted Corn, Edamame and Black Bean Burger
  • 1 can of canned black beans, drained
  • ½ onion, diced
  • ½ bell pepper, diced
  • 2 corn on the cobs
  • 1 bag of frozen steam-able edamame
  • ½ tsp salt and pepper each
  • ½ tsp dry mustard
  • pinch of red pepper flakes
  • ¼ tsp paprika
  • ½ tsp cumin
  • 1 egg, slightly beaten
  • 1 cup of tortilla or corn flake crumbs ( you may substitute panko or regular BC if you prefer)
  • squeeze of a lemon
  • dash of hot sauce (*optional)
  1. In a large skillet, sauté onions, garlic and bell pepper in ½ tbsp oil. Saute for 5-7 minutes until tender. Place the steam-able bag of edamame in the microwave and cook following package directions. Set aside.
  2. Take your corn on the cobs and rub them with a little olive oil. Place on a baking sheet. Roast on 400 for 10-15 minutes until slightly charred and crispy. Set aside to allow to cool. If you are not roasting your corn and just using canned corn- then drain your corn and proceed to next step. If you are roasting the corn then once they are cool move to a pan and using a knife remove the kernels from the cob.
  3. Place all ingredients into a large mixing bowl and stir very well. Using a potato masher roughly mash the pattie mixture to your desired consistency. The mixture will stick to your masher so you may have to use wet fingers and slide the mixture off before you continue mashing.
  4. With slightly wet hands, shape dough into patties. Pack dough tightly as this will help it stick together. This recipe makes approximately 6-8 burgers.
  5. Pan fry the burgers in a bit of olive oil in a skillet over medium heat for about 5 minutes on each side until golden and crisp on the outside.


  1. yummychunklet

    I’ve made black bean burgers before, but I’ll have to try your recipe!

  2. jackie @ marin mama cooks

    Hey girl! I LOVE veggie burgers. I actually prefer them to regular old burgers. I make my chickepea burgers at least once a month and will make them more come summer. I have been wanting to try a black bean burger and these looks great. The only thing I would leave out is the corn, as I’m not a fan of corn. The strange thing is that I like corn on the cob, I mean I really love it, but I can’t eat if off the cob. I think my dad served up too much frozen corn and cream of corn to me as a kid so now whenever I see corn in a recipe, I can’t eat it. Your burgers also look like they’re juicy and full of flavor. Those mini kid burgers are so darn cute. I bet your boys had a blast eating them up. Kids love anything miniature. BTW, have you found out anything new about what’s going on with you? I hope all is well with you girl! xoxo, Jackie

    1. kbelleicious

      Girl! I have been MIA on giving you the details of my healthy journey! Sorry about that! i am just so fed up with it.. Now i know why people get discouraged with a sickness and just stop seeking help. I haven’t stopped yet But i know how they feel. So now we are thinking GF sensitive but not celiac but possibly an underlying heart or thyriod condition. I have been so busy that I haven’t had chance to get back with the doctors I am supposed to. I know that sounds horrible but its the truth. I am going to get it taken care of though! How about you- how is life?

  3. Barbara @ Barbara Bakes

    You have totally convinced me. I’m going to have to try these soon.

  4. Mandy - The Complete Cook Book

    Heavenly! This a veggie burger I want to sink my teeth into.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  5. nancy at good food matters

    charred corn elevates this veggie burger to the ultimate level. 🙂 excellent recipe!

  6. kitchen flavours

    What a delicious looking veggie burger! And I would never have known that it is a veggie burger! It looks amazing, and with all the ingredients, looks very, very, yummy!

    1. kbelleicious

      Thanks! That is the best part. You would never know these burgers are actually good for you! They are amazing. I hope you get to try them

  7. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    I recently had black bean sliders at a party but they weren’t this good! I need to make some.

  8. Roz

    Oh Jessice, do I ever love black bean burgers! Believe it or not, I even enjoy the organic frozen variety in a pinch for time! I love how you added the edamame! And being from the corn state of Iowa, I’m totally on board with your love affair with roasting corn! Thanks for your kind compliments of my new blog look. It took a good bit of time since I can’t figure out all of the tekky stuff by myself. My learning curve continues!


    1. Roz

      oops, my fat fingers hit the wrong key . . . JessicA, not Jessice…..duh, me! My bad!

  9. Mary

    You do come up with the most creative of flavors – i LOVE this – especially with the addition of edamame – your pictures don’t hurt either!!
    mary x

  10. val

    How talented are you? Very talented. I would never think of this awesomeness.

    1. kbelleicious

      Val! You are queen of creativity girl! That last coconut fruit dip you created- amazing!

  11. Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen

    I am a big black bean fan and always have been. What a fantastic looking burger!

  12. Eva Taylor

    I’ve never said anything like that and reading your recipe I doubt I would! The spices, sweetness of the corn, creaminess of the beans all pack a punch of flavour.

  13. Gerry @ Foodness Gracious

    I love a good veggie burger once in a while and this looks like it’d be a winner!! Love corn so bring it on 🙂

  14. Pure Complex

    Who knew a veggie burger could look and sound so darn delicious. I can’t believe I’ve never had a veggie burger. I definitely have to try this

  15. Kankana

    I never made black bean burger but I can see that it would raise veggie burger to a whole new level.

  16. Malli

    Those burgers certainly seem loaded with nutrients and especially protein rich stuff. Delicious and healthy!!

  17. Jed Gray (sportsglutton)

    I’ll try anything once…these I think I’d try twice. 🙂

  18. Joanne

    Now that is a veggie burger to be reckoned with! I love everything that it’s stuffed with!

  19. Erica

    I need to make a batch of these to freeze! I’ve been eating morning stars lately….I’m not a huge fan of packaged food and your burgers look way more delicious anyways 😉

  20. Liz

    I have only recently realized how much I love black beans. I know I’d adore every bite of these wonderful burgers!

  21. Kristy

    The sugar is genius! I never would have thought to do that, but I love it! I’m totally doing that with veggies for sure. I have a feeling we’ll be making a veggie burger or two this summer now that we know we like them. And this one looks like a sure fire winner with the kids – especially if I go with the mini version. 🙂

  22. Rachel

    Delish! I love a flavorful veggie burger. Thanks for the veggie/sugar trick!

  23. Geni

    These look so fantastic no one in the world would miss the meat. Seriously Jessica…so, so, so delicious! Roasted corn…definitely. Always a good call. Have a wonderful start to the week my friend! 🙂

  24. 2sistersrecipes

    hey love your veggies burgers! and especially the mini ones for the kids! Sorry we have been MIA for a while and now we are back and will be commenting again! 🙂 Anna and Liz

  25. Asmita

    This looks very creative. Would love to try this out soon!

  26. Kiran @

    I need to try black bean burger soon. This looks yum!

  27. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking

    I have made chickpea burgers before but not black bean. These look so delicious and I am excited to give these a try.

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