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Yeah! Valentines day is getting closer and closer which means I have a bonafide reason for stuffing my face with enormous quantities of chocolate!  The other week I received a delicious and rich little treat from the award-winning Chuao Chocolatier company allowing me to sample a few of their new chocolate products being offered for this Valentines. They have 3 new flavors, Love Child bonbon (an aphrodisiac blend of a port wine drenched dried strawberry in a chocolate ganache) and Firecracker bonbon (guaranteed to blow your mind with chipotle caramel fudge, popping candy and sea salt in dark chocolate), as well as our their new Potato Chips in Chocolate bar.

After putting the kids to bed one night I happily sat myself on my couch with no TV, laptop or magazine and just sat there and ate chocolate until I couldn’t see straight! It was beyond amazing. The potato chip chocolate bar had to be my favorite of them all and the Firecracker bonbon was out of this world.

So what does this have to do with you guys?

Chuao Chocolatier is hosting a crazy contest for Valentine’s Day this year. Open only to specific blog readers, the contest offers a trip for two to San Diego (where Chuao is based), dinner at The Shores restaurant, and a private wine and chocolate pairing event with Master Chef Michael Antonorsi.

You also have the chance to win one of 14 Liminted Edition Sweetheart Boxes filled with 22 signature Chuao Chocolatier bonbons.

In addition, Chuao Chocolatier is offering everyone who reads this post 20% off their entire purchase until February 14th!

Use code BLOGGER at checkout to receive 20% off your entire purchase at ChuaoChocolatier.com

To enter to win that fabulously romantic San Diego trip, visit:
ChuaoChocolatier.com - Simply Irresistible


  1. Erica

    Potato chips? That is SO fun! I want to try!!

    01 . Feb . 2012
  2. Allison @ Alli n Son

    I love, love, love this chocolate! Especially the popping cand, it’s so unexpectedly good.

    01 . Feb . 2012
  3. Tina (PinayInTexas)

    Thanks for sharing this, Jessica! I just entered the beach giveaway! 🙂

    01 . Feb . 2012
  4. yummychunklet

    What great flavors!

    01 . Feb . 2012
  5. Pure Complex

    Chocolate.. how can I explain how much I love my chocolate lol. This just wonderful.. and thanks for the coupon codes.. I just love those 😉

    01 . Feb . 2012
  6. Three-Cookies

    Potato chip chocolate bar definitely sounds delicious – sweet and salty

    01 . Feb . 2012
  7. sportsglutton

    I love how everyone has gotten on the Vosges bandwagon and is coming out with unique chocolate bars like these. The Love Child bonbon sounds fantastic!

    01 . Feb . 2012
  8. Alli

    What a treat. The chocolate, the couch, and the quiet.

    01 . Feb . 2012
  9. Ally Garner

    I was given an assortment box of Chuao chocolates for Christmas from my SIL and they were incredible. Love the Firecracker & the Origins bars! I was already thinking of returning the gift to my SIL soon – this is the perfect excuse. Thanks!!

    01 . Feb . 2012
  10. Danielle

    I have to say that chuao is local. I live very close. And I will say that i go in not too frequently for my favorite firecracker chocolate. mmmm and they have one with goat cheese, and, and….. SO good.

    01 . Feb . 2012
  11. Foodness Gracious

    I love Chuao’s chocolate, I used to sell it in Whole Foods and it was a really well loved product! Great local company too.
    Take care..

    01 . Feb . 2012
  12. jackie @ marin mama cooks

    Wow! I so want the firecracker and the potato chip one. What a great idea for a chocolate bar. I think I might be making some of my own this weekend or else going to Whole Foods to buy a bar or two 😉

    01 . Feb . 2012
  13. Joanne

    I got sent those chocolates also…and devoured them in record time. I need to remember to post about them tomorrow!

    02 . Feb . 2012
  14. Mary

    That sounds like a perfect evening!! what insanely delicious flavors!!! I need those chocolates! If you have a moment would you mind popping over to my site to vote for me – my pear cupcake is in the running for the today shows home chef challenge! thanks so much 🙂
    Mary x

    02 . Feb . 2012
  15. Collette Osuna

    Did someone say chocolate?? yikes!! There isnt a time of day that I couldnt enjoy some…..sounds like a pretty incredible contest to me:)

    A Lifestyle Blog where Fashion, Décor & Cooking “connect”

    02 . Feb . 2012
  16. nancy at good food matters

    lucky you! and deserving. I can only imagine how salty-bittersweet good that potato chip chocolate bar is…mercy.

    02 . Feb . 2012
  17. Joy Peyton

    Looks so delicious! I’m a huge fan of chocolate so reading this put a smile on my face 🙂

    02 . Feb . 2012
  18. Rachel @ The Avid Appetite

    potato chips + chocolate?! yes please!!

    02 . Feb . 2012
  19. Lisa

    I never heard of this brand of chocolate. Now I’m curious to try and potato chip chocolate bar???sounds delish!

    02 . Feb . 2012
  20. lena

    the firecrackers and the potato chips sound really extraordinary! i’m so jealous now!

    02 . Feb . 2012
  21. Reem | Simply Reem

    potato chips + chocolate….
    Have to try this one.
    thanks for sharing dear.

    02 . Feb . 2012
  22. Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen

    I didn’t fully appreciate chocolate until I became an adult and tasted dark chocolate. Ooh, la, la, love at first bite.

    03 . Feb . 2012
  23. Karen (Back Road Journal)

    I used to have a chocolate shop and really like over the top flavors of many of the chocolates that are available now. Winning a trip to sample them would be nice.

    03 . Feb . 2012
  24. Eva kitcheninspirations.wordpress.com

    I love chocolate and salt together, YUM. Lucky you!

    03 . Feb . 2012
  25. Jody Brettkelly

    Whaoh! My husband two favourite things in a choccy bar!

    03 . Feb . 2012
  26. Candace

    Can you please pass me one of those Potato Chip Chocolate Bars? That would definitely be my favorite. Yum!

    03 . Feb . 2012
  27. SharleneT

    A thousand years ago, my favorite combination for school lunch dessert was vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and potato chips, all mixed together. My friends thought I was crazy. Glad to see the world is catching up! Thanks for sharing. Come visit when you can.

    04 . Feb . 2012
  28. jolyn

    That candy bar sounds totally yummy! I entered the contest!! Make sure you come by my new site!! =)

    04 . Feb . 2012
  29. vianney

    yummy!! thank you for sharing!

    06 . Feb . 2012

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