Brownie Pecan Pie

With me being southern and all, I can’t let this holiday season pass by without sharing with you all a pecan pie recipe. It just wouldn’t be right. Some version of pecan pie can be seen at every house here in the South whether it is the good old fashion pecan pie, mini pies, pecan pie muffins or pecan pie bars. Today I would like to introduce you to the latest and greatest creation in the pecan pie series and that is a brownie pecan pie.

Combing two of my loves into one pie almost makes me weak at the knees. The best part about it is-Shhh! I don’t want to say this too loud and risk the wrath of my southern grandmother-the cake is basically semi-homemade- as in the brownie layer comes from a box! Okay, seriously, no rolling your eyes. Even cooks with a passion for baking  know when a box of brownie mix is called for over the homemade version. Sure you are more than welcome to make the brownie layer from scratch- but why?

A crispy buttery crust, a decadent sugary sweet pecan topping and a moist chewy brownie center will have everyone begging for more- which could be a good and bad thing depending on how long you want your guests to stick around:)

Now there is a catch with this pie and that is you must be very aware of the different layer amounts. Too much pecan pie topping can leave you with a soggy top that never hardens and sinks down into the brownie, too much brownie layer will not cook properly and all you will have is a fudgy, gooey center (not that anything is wrong with a little fudge here and there). Regardless, this pie is the perfect alternation on the traditional really sugary pecan pie and much easier to make. Chocolate + Pecan + Buttery Crust= HOLIDAYS!

Brownie Pecan Pie
Prep time
Cook time
  • ¼ cup melted butter
  • ¼ cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon self-rising flour
  • ¼ cup light corn syrup
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups pecans
  • 1 package brownie mix and ingredients listed on the box
  • 2 frozen regular pie shells
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place brown sugar in a large bowl and work out lumps. Add flour and stir together until the flour disappears. Add corn syrup and vanilla. Stir until thoroughly until combined. Add melted butter. Fold into mixture until it disappears.
  2. Loosely beat two eggs in a separate bowl and fold into mixture until the eggs disappear. Stir in pecans and set aside.
  3. Prepare brownie batter as instructed on package. Remove two frozen pies shells from freezer and divide brownie batter evenly between the two. (Deep dish for fudgy version and regular-size for the brownie version.) Spoon pecan pie mixture evenly between the two pie shells.
  4. Bake for about 35-40 minutes. Place a large sheet of foil across the top of the two pies for the last 10-15 minutes to avoid pie crust from browning too much. Top with the pecan mixture you set aside earlier and bake for another 10 minutes. Cool before slicing.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 2 pies



  1. Barbara @ Barbara Bakes

    This looks sinfully delicious!

  2. Salinda

    This one is going on the December must-bake list!

  3. Suzi

    Hi, new to your site and have just signed in. This pecan brownie pie looks delicious. Bookmarking this one for the holidays. What a great combination. Happy Holidays to you!

  4. flip flops & pearls

    OMLawd…..I am trying to figure out how you don’t weight 300 lbs you pretty thing! Your images are lookin’ so good!!!

  5. Linda

    Wow…if pecan pie was not sinful enough, you add a layer of brownie!! This definitely needs to be added to my Nutcracker dessert party!!

  6. Shawn

    If loving this pie is wrong…I just ain’t gonna do right! I’m sooo making these(probably in minis)!

  7. Collette Osuna

    This pie totally says Xmas to me:) There is a new pie place that just opened up a few miles away from my home. They have Pecan, and it is almost TWENTY smackers per pie…yikes!!

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  8. jo-lyn@jo-lyn's cup cakes n' candies

    oh my gosh tht looks so good!! 🙂

  9. Three-Cookies

    I am hungry and seeing this does not help:) Great innovation.

  10. Rachel @ The Avid Appetite

    how gorgeous! i love the idea of incorporating brownie into the pecan pie…genius!

  11. kitchen flavours

    Your pecan pie looks delish! Absolutely yummy! Pecan is so expensive over here, so this will be a really delicious treat!

  12. foodfashionandflow

    you are killing me! This looks so good and I am such a chocoholic. A brownie and pecan pie? sounds like heaven!

  13. Greg

    You had me at pecan pie series. Oh my goodness gracious, as my wife would say, this looks awesome.

  14. lena

    you are so witty..i was laughing when you wrote that long do you want your guests to stay? haha! very naughty! your pie sounds sinfully delicious and i really got no problem with instant mix kind of stuffs. You really made me smile reading your earlier comment. Now our deal is i come over, you make these pies and i help you to scatter the pecans, ok?

  15. Melanie @ Melanie Cooks

    Brownie pecan pie sounds like the best pecan pie out there! Looks absolutely delicious!

  16. Kelli

    My o my, why are you doing this to me? Im trying really hard this week to diet for Vegas and now I am seriously thinking I need to make this!!!! I tell you one thing I cant wait to get back home from Vegas so I can get this in my mouth. I know it is going to be divine! Like slap yo Momma good!

  17. Sheila

    I made this one last year for our teacher luncheon it was a huge hit! Crazy Crazy good!

  18. SharleneT

    Satan, get thee behind me! This is tooooo good not to bring to the Christmas table! Thanks for sharing. My mother thanks you; my father thanks you; my hips thank you….

  19. mary

    oh yes – this is heaven! you would be one popular lady in our house!
    Mary x

  20. Erica

    How perfect. I’m not a HUGE fan of traditional pecan pie, but I think this twist on it would be perfect for me!

  21. Kathleen

    This looks bomb delicious!!!

  22. The Elegant Eggplant

    That really looks like the perfect pecan pie!!! My family calls the filling “goo”… mmmm.. 🙂

  23. Nami | Just One Cookbook

    I LOOOOVE pecan pies, and from looking at the recipe, this is quite easy to make especially I don’t have to make pie and the brownie from scratch. =P I always wish to live in your home – you really make great savory AND sweet dishes and I love everything you cook. I realized today that it’s easier to follow you via email and keep the email with recipes in my email folder rather than bookmarking the link of recipes because I have way too many recipes from your site and hard to locate it later on… =)

  24. val

    Brownie Pie – Hellllloooooooo. 2 of my favorite things in one dessert. Pie and Brownies. Double YUM.

  25. nancy at good food matters

    Yum! nothing wrong with using a little help from “the box”–we just won’t tell your grandma!

  26. Laural @ Being Healthier

    yes please. send those my way, thanks. 🙂

  27. Marina {}

    The only thing I can think of that would be better than pecan pie is BROWNIE pecan pie! Amazing idea! XO

  28. Michele

    That looks yummy delicious! Your crust is pretty too. 😉

  29. sportsglutton

    There is no way that this isn’t good…period! 🙂

  30. Pure Complex

    I am such a brownie lover, that I can’t help but adore and love this brownie pecan pie recipe. Saving this for Christmas

  31. Liz

    Oh, my mouth is watering at the sight of your fabulous pie! A dear friend brought me over a piece of her pecan pie from Thanksgiving…as my family does not care for nuts and I don’t dare bake a whole pie just for me! But if I get the opportunity to make a pecan pie, I’ll make it a chocolate pecan pie…using your wonderful recipe!

  32. Mary

    And frozen pie shell. I’m in heaven.

  33. Shea

    This looks like heaven. Seriously–a marriage between brownies and pecan pie? How can that not be delicious? I’m trying this one for sure!

  34. Melynda@Moms Sunday Cafe

    I don’t think it can get better than this! Thanks for sharing…..

  35. yummychunklet

    Oh, my! A brownie version?? Good thing I have more pecans at my disposal!

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    What a wonderful twist to the regular pecan pie, Jessica! Love it!

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    Instant weight gain here! It would be futile to resist this delectable pie! SCRUMPTIOUS!
    🙂 Mandy

  40. Joanne

    Girl, I’m pretty sure you just made crack.


  41. daphne

    genius!! it’s really calorie saving since you don’t need to have TWO desserts!!! 😉 that looks such a good idea.

  42. Kristy

    I haven’t had pecan pie in ages. My grandma used to always make it for the holidays. At the time, I didn’t enjoy pecans, so I avoided it like the plague. I’ve since developed a love affair with pecans, so I might have to revisit this pie. 🙂

  43. Alexis @ There She Goes

    im so not a pecan pie girl…but pecan brownie pie? i might just reconsider my no-pecan-pie stance!

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  45. lindsay

    WHY must you do this to me???? i can.not.wait. to make this! like tonight.

    hope you are feeling ok…not much longer!!

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    Honestly, my fave thing in the world..a good brownie. My Hubs. Pecan Pie. This is the ultimate perfect thing for us!

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    okay you rock!! seriously this is insane, yummy!!

  48. Heather

    This is just amazing. The thought of a brOwnie with a pecan tipping inside a buttery flaky crust us almost too m

  49. Heather

    This is just amazing. The thought of a brOwnie with a pecan tipping inside a buttery flaky crust us almost too much for me to take!

  50. erica

    I have never had pecan pie before and wouldnt even know how to make it, but this looks like a must make! xo

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    Oh My Holy God, You are going to make me not fit into any of my clothes, coz after seeing this goodness I gain weight with happiness….
    I don’t know if I make any sense but in short this is Food Heaven….

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    I just drooled.

    Two of my favorite things. Thanks for the tips and the recipe– I can’t wait to try it!

  56. Trix

    Pecan is my husband’s favorite kind of pie – he would LOVE this, and I think I will have to surprise him with it!!

  57. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking

    Oh now I might just have to make this right now!! This looks so delicious. I love pecan pie, it is probably one of my favorites so this sounds awesome!.

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