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SRC-Spicy Black Bean, Smoked Corn and Avocado Tostadas & Beyora Giveaway


Today is SRC day here on Kitchen Belleicious and I have the pleasure of being assigned to Veronica from Veronica’s Cornucopia. WOW! Instantly impressed and inspired by the recipes I came across. She has a wonderful sense of humor and mixes recipes with videos, family stories and most importantly her love for the Lord. If you haven’t been by for an exciting journey filled with amazing recipes then you have missed out.

After scouring all and I do mean ALL of her recipes I came across her corn, black bean and avocado tostadas. I was immediately drawn to the idea of a meatless meal but one with a TON of flavor and I knew this was the one. With little time to spare (yes I am a last minute kind of girl) I headed to the store (WAIT- Did I mention the baby is about to pop out any day now?) . There is a slight variation between my recipe and Veronica’s as I did decide to up the anty with my own spicy black bean mash and liquid smoked corn. DIVINE! Top this with shredded chicken or beef if you like and you have yourself one fine and EASY meal! What are you waiting for? Get Going!

SRC Post Day
  • 2 cups frozen corn kernels
  • 1 bell pepper, sliced into rings
  • 1 onion, sliced into rings
  • 2-3 medium tomatoes, diced
  • 2 limes, juiced
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 8 tostada shells
  • 1 cup refined black beans
  • ½ tsp red pepper flakes
  • 1 tsp of adobe sauce
  • 1 tsp liquid smoke
  • ½ tsp salt and pepper each for the corn
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • ½ tsp chili powder
  • shredded lettuce and cheese for topping
  • 1 avocado peeled for topping
  1. Spray a large nonstick skilled with oil and heat over medium-high head. Add onions and bell peppers and sauté 3 minutes until tender. Set aside. Add corn to a small saucepan and season with liquid smoke, salt and pepper. Cook until heated through and remove from heat.
  2. In a small saucepan add in the beans and heat for 5 minutes. With a potato masher mash the beans until only bite-size pieces remain and it is spreadable. Add in the red pepper flakes, adobe sauce, cumin, chili powder and lime juice. Stir to combine and set aside.
  3. Spread each tostada shell with 2 tablespoons of heated beans and top corn, bell pepper and onion rings, then the tomatoes and lastly the freshly diced tomatoes.


I am not sure if I did my Christmas obsession justice last year by not explaining to you all just how much I love this holiday. I one of those who start thinking about Christmas in July and Yes I am also one of those who have their presents bought by the time Thanksgiving draws near an end. I get the excitement from my mom and grandmother. It is and has always been a huge tradition in our family to start celebrating Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. As in shopping, baking, and decorating. Not sure if there has been a year yet that our tree and house wasn’t all decked out by lunch the next day. We are rather adamant about getting the Christmas decor out and up before you can even think to say Merry Christmas.

All this leads me to the giveaway from the fantastic Beyora. Beyora is an online Christmas decor shop specializing in hard to find collectibles through Ebay and Amazon. From Christmas ornaments to Build A Bear presents for the kids, they have it all with things for kids and adults alike. I personally love the Rudolph Build A Bear for Grant. He would go crazy for it or the little Misfit Train

All Rankin/Bass ornaments come with their own stunning burgundy keepsake pouch and they are made of solid durable construction.Decorate for the holidays with the cutest decor and one of a kind items you won’t be able to find elsewhere. You can register to receive the latest deals and search for collectibles you have always wanted but never been able to find. Below are just a few of the products.

Beyora even has- Dare I say– collectible Barbie dolls that you have to see to believe. I am not going to bore you with the details but let’s just say I was slightly barbie obsessed when I was a little girl. Make this a Christmas to remember with collectibles that will last a lifetime. Explore the store and you’re sure to discover all things Christmas!

Beyora has so graciously offered one lucky reader a set of Rudolph & Friends ornaments for you to use this Christmas season. Character names include character names Sam the Snowman, Mrs Claus, Santa Claus, Clarice, Misfit Doll, Yukon Cornelius, Charlie-in-the-Box, Hermey the Elf, and Rudolph. The giveaway rules are below and the contest ends November 28th! Winner will be contacted via email. Good Luck!

Giveaway Rules:

1) Leave a comment either about the SRC post or tell me what your favorite Christmas tradition is.

2) Like Beyora on facebook

3) Visit Beyora and leave a comment on what your favorite ornament is.



  1. marla

    LOVE the giveaway & the recipe you chose for the SRC 🙂

    21 . Nov . 2011
  2. marla

    I “like” Beyora on FB too 🙂

    21 . Nov . 2011
  3. Katherine

    what a great giveaway! I am loving the ornaments and barbie collection! headed to like them now on FB! Oh and those tostadas- too easy and too delicious!

    21 . Nov . 2011
  4. Sarah

    Awesome SRC post- i love you picked something all of us can do! LOL! never heard of beyora but I am loving this little shop!

    21 . Nov . 2011
  5. Kaci

    MMmm that looks delish!

    21 . Nov . 2011
  6. daphne

    Yum! What a healthy but full of flavour post- I have come to see that veges are good and delish! LOL

    21 . Nov . 2011
  7. Collette Osuna

    The recipe looks awesome….Im constantly looking for new vegetarian recipes with a little “spunk” to them. I believe this is a winner:)
    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

    21 . Nov . 2011
  8. amy marantino

    my favorite tradition is to put out ritz crackers for santa, and onions for his reindeer (cookies and carrots are overdone!)

    21 . Nov . 2011
  9. Mandy

    WOW! I great SRC post and pick and those ornaments and cute little barbies are adorable. I was obsessed with barbies too! Would love to win!

    21 . Nov . 2011
  10. Mandy

    I now like beyora on facebook

    21 . Nov . 2011
  11. NutsintheKitchen

    Oh look at how cute those ornaments are. How on earth did you find beyora? you find the coolest little shops. the SRC post looks amazing and love that it is meatless.

    21 . Nov . 2011
  12. NutsintheKitchen

    I like beyora on facebook

    21 . Nov . 2011
  13. The Slow Roasted Italian

    Good heavens… Is that baby driving yet? ; )

    I had never been to Veronicas blog before. I love SRC, great way to visit all those 10,000 blogs out there (okay, maybe not yet).

    Love the giveaway post, I am a HUGE fan of Rudolph and all those Christmas cartoons. Can’t say I was a huge Barbie enthusiast though. Thank you for coming clean on that. j/k

    My favorite Christmas tradition is the gratitude baskets we do each year. I make a ton of homemade treats from burnt almonds to cookies and bars, cocoa mix and chocolate dipped spoons. We take a couple days off the week before Christmas and give these gifts to those who have touched our lives. Including bankers, mechanics, friends, post man, neighbors… We also put in a card that tells about our tradition and thanks them for blessing our lives.

    21 . Nov . 2011
  14. The Slow Roasted Italian

    I like Beyora on Facebook!

    21 . Nov . 2011
  15. The Slow Roasted Italian

    Oh, I LOVE the Misfit Spotted Elephant Build a Bear Beanie!!! How cute!

    21 . Nov . 2011
  16. Three-Cookies

    Looks very delicious and very colorful. Great job

    21 . Nov . 2011
  17. veronica gantley

    What a wonderful blog you got for SRC. You picked a great recipe. Thanks for sharing.

    21 . Nov . 2011
  18. Ali

    Love this giveaway- my grandchildren would love that rudloph build a bear for sure.

    21 . Nov . 2011
  19. Angie @ Bigbearswife

    yum!! great recipe pick!

    21 . Nov . 2011
  20. Greg

    What a great looking meal. I love when you do Mexican. This would be so great with leftover turkey. I’ll pass on this giveaway, since there are so many people that do collect those ornaments, I’d feel guilty if I won. I will share on Facebook though.

    21 . Nov . 2011
  21. Veronica

    I’m glad you enjoyed this recipe-it’s a favorite of mine! Thank you for your kind words about my blog too. Very cool giveaway, thanks for the opportunity.

    21 . Nov . 2011
  22. Erica

    ahhhhh! I;m so excited that its almost baby time! SRC rocks and what a recipe selection. Its been way too long since I last had mexican!

    21 . Nov . 2011
  23. Angie@Angiesrecipes

    A really flavourful and tasty tostadas!

    21 . Nov . 2011
  24. Corey

    Love the tostadas- we are such a huge mexican lover family. Great dish to have for a quick easy dinner. The giveaway is too cute- love the little ornaments- hope I win.

    21 . Nov . 2011
  25. Corey

    I now like beyora on facebook

    21 . Nov . 2011
  26. sportsglutton

    I’ll eat just about anything that has adobe sauce and liquid smoke…not too surprising for a man I guess. 😉

    21 . Nov . 2011
  27. Jamie (Thrifty Veggie Mama)

    This looks so delicious. I love anything black bean and avocado. Your blog is beautiful!

    21 . Nov . 2011
  28. sara

    Those tostadas look amazing – they totally have me craving Mexican food! 🙂

    21 . Nov . 2011
  29. Caroline

    What a wonderful recipe to choose for SRC…this sounds amazing! I can’t ever get enough Mexican food. I could honestly eat it every day…it’s bad. Awesome giveaway, as well! x

    21 . Nov . 2011
  30. Gracie

    Love the meatless mexican dish- don’t find too many of those around. I went to beyora and I love the Santa claus ornament. I remember my aunt having sone

    21 . Nov . 2011
  31. Linda

    I can’t believe that baby is coming any day now! Mine were spring/summer babies, I can’t imagine one coming right in the mist of the holidays! Because like you, I too have my home decorated the day after Thanksgiving! But I see you are so organized and well prepared for this little blessing! I’ll be thinking of you and praying for your little bundle of joy’s arrival!!

    21 . Nov . 2011
  32. Liz

    Oh, such a delicious dish…love all these great tostada toppings…mmmmm. Off to like Beyora…I like that cute Santa 🙂

    21 . Nov . 2011
  33. Amy's Cooking Adventures

    Those tostadas look amazing! Perfect for this time of year with all of the overindulgence!!

    21 . Nov . 2011
  34. Christy

    What a lovely dish of tostadas, and I am sure it’s feisty with a delightful burst of flavors too!:)
    Awwww….you make Christmas comes sooner….:)

    21 . Nov . 2011
  35. Amy's Cooking Adventures

    I liked Beyora on facebook

    21 . Nov . 2011
  36. Amy's Cooking Adventures

    How is it possible to choose a favorite with all of those great ornaments? I love the drummer boy elf and Sam the Snowman with his Banjo!

    21 . Nov . 2011
  37. Veronica's Kitchen

    Aren’t most girls crazy at barbie when they are little! I am still keeping my daughter’s barbie even though she has grown out of it. I usually start Christmas decoration on the first week of December and then it’s more shopping and parties to attend till the New Year!

    21 . Nov . 2011
  38. ModernMom

    Love the recipe (as usual) and the Santa ornament! How adorable!

    21 . Nov . 2011
  39. kitchen flavours

    The tostadas looks wonderful! This would be great for lunch, simply lovely! Take care!

    21 . Nov . 2011
  40. Shen @ JustOneCookbook

    Hi Jessica, congratz on the new baby! Our kids love tortilla/avocado/corn so we’ll add this to the menu next time we have taco night.

    22 . Nov . 2011
  41. Mandy - The Complete Cook Book

    What a fantastic taste-explosion meal – yummy! Great giveaway, best of luck to all of your entrants.
    Was just thinking about when you baby is due – you are one in a million doing all that you do – looking forward to hearing more about baby soon.
    🙂 Mandy

    22 . Nov . 2011
  42. Hotly Spiced

    Those corn fritters look delicious. I’d love to make them for breakfast on a Sunday weekend.

    22 . Nov . 2011
  43. lena

    wow, i would love to have these tostadas of yours! are they the same as tortillas? your recipe is awesome and all that you put here makes it look so colourful. so i guess you have already started your christmas decor in your house. Chinese new year is just 2 months away and after christmas, a lot of chinese will start putting up chinese new year ornaments too! i’m seeing a whole bunch of interesting recipes on the links, would love to chk them out later when i have time. Have fun !

    22 . Nov . 2011
  44. Trish

    love the ornaments- would love to win it for my mom who collects these things! my favorite though are the barbies of course!

    22 . Nov . 2011
  45. Trish

    i like beyora on facebook

    22 . Nov . 2011
  46. Bree

    Looks great! Have a super Thanksgiving!

    22 . Nov . 2011
  47. Kristy

    Jessica! I knew I liked you. “Slightly Barbie obsessed..” Me too! Love Barbie. I’m getting Miss A her first Barbie this year. 🙂

    And now on to the more important things…I’ll be thinking of you this week. Best of luck and I hope that you have an amazing delivery day. (My two favorite days ever!) Much love and hugs! Can’t wait to hear the news. 🙂

    22 . Nov . 2011
  48. Mary

    Beyora’s ornament collection really is fantastic. My boys have Build a Bears from Beyora that they adore. We also have a great ornament set that the kids are able to play with as well as enjoy for the holidays. I love it!

    22 . Nov . 2011
  49. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking

    Oh these look so good and delicious! I hope you and your family have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!

    22 . Nov . 2011
  50. Brittany

    I like beyora on facebook

    22 . Nov . 2011
  51. Brittany

    Love the build a bear gifts- my nephew would love the bumble the snowman

    22 . Nov . 2011
  52. Rondah

    My favorite tradition is trimming the tree with my grandchildren
    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

    23 . Nov . 2011
  53. Rondah

    like Beyora on fb
    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

    23 . Nov . 2011
  54. Rondah

    I like the baby Jesus ornament
    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

    23 . Nov . 2011
  55. Joanne

    Mmm I LOVE Veronica’s blog and I LOVE this recipe! Super healthy…but also jam-packed with my favorite tex-mex flavors!

    23 . Nov . 2011
  56. Maria

    Love the giveaway and the SRC post! Both are amazing- the little ornaments are too adorable. Headed to check out more of beyora

    23 . Nov . 2011
  57. Maria

    i like beoyra on facebook

    23 . Nov . 2011
  58. Besti

    That recipe looks so amazing, I may even make it tonight!

    My favorite christmas tradition is simple and one that we’ve started with my own little family…mass and dinner at the same restaurant on christmas eve. Just me, my husband and two kids. Before the big family stuff starts it’s nice to have a little bonding just the four of us!

    Stop by and enter my designer pillow giveaway…it ends tonight!

    23 . Nov . 2011
  59. Natalie

    Love the mini tostadas- what a great and healthy meal but still flavorful and delicious. The ornaments are precious and the barbie dolls. I too was obsessed with barbie! I would love to win this.

    24 . Nov . 2011
  60. Natalie

    I like beyora on facebook

    24 . Nov . 2011
  61. Molly

    Great giveaway! I like beyora on facebook

    24 . Nov . 2011
  62. Molly

    I love the santa claus ornaments

    24 . Nov . 2011
  63. Jeanette Marchese

    My favorite Christmas tradition is making homemade Calzones and Pizza on Christmas Eve while gathering with the family to exchange gifts and laughter around the Christmas tree.

    25 . Nov . 2011
  64. Jeanette Marchese

    I like Beyora on Facebbook!

    25 . Nov . 2011
  65. Jeanette Marchese

    It is hard to say which ornament is my favorite. I would have to say that it is between the Baby Jesus and Santa Claus, because without either of these, there would be no Christmas.

    25 . Nov . 2011
  66. Anne@frommysweetheart

    Veronica has such a great site I can imagine it was hard to make a choice….but a great one you did! These tostadas look incredible!

    25 . Nov . 2011
  67. Ryana

    thanks for the recipe! I’m gonna give it a try
    ryanac32 {at} yahoo {dot} com

    25 . Nov . 2011
  68. Ryana

    like beyora on fb
    ryanac32 {at} yahoo {dot} com

    25 . Nov . 2011
  69. Ryana

    I like the frosty the snowman belly whopper ornament
    ryanac32 {at} yahoo {dot} com

    25 . Nov . 2011
  70. Teri@ The Freshman Cook

    Looks delicious!! I will definitely be trying this recipe!

    26 . Nov . 2011
  71. Always Fashionable

    Love this ornaments and those tostadas! Awesome giveaway. Would love to win

    27 . Nov . 2011
  72. Always Fashionable

    i like beyora on facebook

    27 . Nov . 2011
  73. Rhonda

    Did I miss the giveaway? If not I love the snowman ornament and I would love to win the set with Rudolph and friends!

    29 . Nov . 2011
  74. Rhonda

    I just signed up for fb just so I could like beyora!

    29 . Nov . 2011
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