Green Chile Crab Cakes


Most everyone has had a crab cake at some point in their life. Crab cakes are easy to make and easy to eat. They are perfect all by themselves and even better over a nice refreshing salad. There are very few ways to mix things up when speaking of crab cakes but I wanted to do something different so since the method is what it is, I decided to play with the different ingredients.

At first I was thinking to add roasted red peppers but I cook with those all the time, then I thought about pushing some yummy cheese right in the center of the cake but sometimes cheese and seafood don’t mix so I crossed that off my list. At last it came to me, Green Chiles. I love my roasted green chiles. I find them flavorful, refreshing and sweet with a little heat. So I decided to incorporate the green chiles in the crab cakes and top each cake off with a nice smokey horseradish remoulade.

The smokiness of the remoulade is the result of a hint (like 1/8 of tsp) of adobe sauce along with a dash of both smoked paprika and horseradish sauce. It paired so well with the chiles in the crab cake. Even though I was working with these large flavors I still wanted the crab to be the star of the show. Crab is so refreshing and if you are going to have a crab cake you want to be able to taste the crab- Am I Right? With that said, I incorporated double the crab in the recipe and created large (larger than normal) crab cake patties so that the ratio of crab to green chiles was 2:1. The outcome was so incredible. Simply amazing. I just don’t know what else to say about it.


Green Chile Crab Cakes with Smoky Remoulade Sauce


14 ounces of fresh crab meat

1/2 cup red onion

1/2 cup celery

2-3 green chiles, roasted in salt and EVOO

1 1/2-2 cups panko breadcrumbs

2 TBSP cup spicy brown mustard

1/2 cup mayo

1 eggs, beaten

1/2 tsp salt and pepper each

1/2 tsp Old Bay Crab Boil Spice

Juice of 1 lemon

Remoulade Sauce:

1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley leaves

2 TBSP green onions

2 TBSP sweet pickles

1 tsp horseradish sauce

Dash of garlic powder

3/4 cup mayo

1 1/2 tsp dijon mustard

1/8 tsp adobe sauce

1/8 tsp pepper

1/2 tsp smoked paprika


Combine vegetables, chiles crab meat, and panko. Add the remaining ingredients and lightly toss together being careful not to break up the crab. If you are making large cakes, you can pan fry them in vegetable oil for 3-4 minutes on each side over medium heat or you can bake smaller cakes at 400 for 8-10 minutes.

Stir together ingredients for remoulade and serve alongside the crab cakes.



  1. Bonnie

    Oh yum! That’s an “I’m from the south where we like our crab cakes spicy YUM”!! And the remoulade sauce sounds like it would be appreciated on a number of dishes. Thank you very much!


    14 . Oct . 2011
    • Kitchen Belleicious

      Glad someone else is here from the South and realizes spice is our second language when it comes to food! I just had to add some special extras to the remoulade!LOL!

      17 . Oct . 2011
  2. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking

    I really shouldn’t read your posts early in the morning because they make me so hungry right off!! I really like crab cakes and these look and sound amazing!!

    14 . Oct . 2011
  3. The Slow Roasted Italian

    Love the green chili in there.

    14 . Oct . 2011
  4. Three-Cookies

    Really nice, smoky remoulade sauce sounds absolutely delicious

    14 . Oct . 2011
  5. chef_d

    Those crabcakes look delicious! I love the addition of green chilies!

    14 . Oct . 2011
  6. Greg

    Having grown up in Maryland, I’m still addicted to Old Bay. I love this remoulade sauce.

    14 . Oct . 2011
    • Kitchen Belleicious

      Old Bay is the best! It is great and I seriously don’t cook with it or my Slap your mama cajun seasoning! The name is too cute too!:)

      17 . Oct . 2011
  7. yummychunklet

    I love crab cakes, but the remoulade sauce is what does it for me. These look delicious!

    14 . Oct . 2011
  8. Abbey

    I found your blog through ‘Tomatoes on the Vine’ and read your profile..when I saw that you were a stay at home mom with Steel Magnolias as your favorite movie, I knew I had to stop by to visit! I love crab cakes, these look delicious! In fact, I’m cooking my tilapia cakes tonight for my family.

    14 . Oct . 2011
  9. Melanie

    I love crab cakes! Yours look so delicious! The remoulade sauce is a nice touch!

    14 . Oct . 2011
  10. Eva@

    Hi Jessica, I love crab cakes, and I love green chilies. I will have to try adding that next time. Thanks for adding the oven baking time, I wouldn’t want to fry them, myself.

    14 . Oct . 2011
  11. foodfashionandflow

    These look really intriguing. I don’t think I have ever had a spicy crab cake, but these look so good and the remoulade looks extra special!

    14 . Oct . 2011
  12. Jihane @Sinful Sundays

    I am addicted to remoulade sauces and your recipe sounds spot on! This whole dish looks so good, Jessica! Yum! 🙂

    14 . Oct . 2011
  13. Shea

    Crab cakes are so good, and I love the addition of the green chiles–what a great idea! I would really impress the hubby if I whipped these up!

    14 . Oct . 2011
  14. Rachel @ The Avid Appetite

    those crab cakes look so meaty and delicious! love the green chile addition 🙂

    14 . Oct . 2011
    • Kitchen Belleicious

      Yes meaty is the keyword- I hate when i get crab cakes somewhere and there is like no crab in it- if your gonna have crab cakes I need to see and taste and be one with the crab so to speak

      17 . Oct . 2011
  15. Laural @ Being Healthier

    I’ve just started trying crab… I always had allergic reactions and poof, one day -allergy was gone.

    These would definitely be something I’d try! I like roasted green chiles!

    14 . Oct . 2011
  16. Malli

    I adore crabcakes and yours sounds fabulous with a hint of chiles!! The photos are gorgeous… it
    makes me want to eat a little crabcake so I am off to my favorite Bone Fish Restaurant tonight!!

    14 . Oct . 2011
  17. natasha

    these look absolutely amazing!!!!! thank you SO much for posting…i am craving seafood

    14 . Oct . 2011
  18. the good soup

    Man, it’s been so long since I’ve used crab- it’s just so expensive in Australia! But it’s one of my favourite seafoods, so I don’t know why I don’t just break out sometimes… Lovely the green chillie and crab pairing, too, Belle. x

    14 . Oct . 2011
  19. Nami | Just One Cookbook

    Ohhhhhhhhh! You put so much thoughts into these crab cakes and these must be so good! Or more like perfect. You measure the ratio, sauce, and the picture of you cutting half.. I just stare at them for a long time. Looking super delicious! It’s so strange – I don’t even like horseradish yet my mouth watered by looking at the cake with the sauce. LOL. Seriously, these are great!!

    14 . Oct . 2011
  20. foodie @ Tasting Spot

    i really like your food pictures and want to invite you to try out it’s for anyone that just wants another place to submit photos and share it will other foodies. It’s still in beta version, but would love for you to start adding some photos and help get it going.

    14 . Oct . 2011
  21. 2 sisters recipes

    Crab Cakes! ….OMG here is another one of my favorite! I may not be pregnant but you are giving me cravings like I am again!….:)

    14 . Oct . 2011
    • Kitchen Belleicious

      Ha! If you follow my posts from April to December you will see my craving patterns change- it is actually kind of funny to look back on

      17 . Oct . 2011
  22. Foodness Gracious

    Yup, these look awesome and crab cakes are a favorite of mine but a rare treat. I should really try to make them more often,
    Take care….

    15 . Oct . 2011
  23. Tracy Wood

    How beautiful! I love your recipe for the smoky AND green remoulade – nice idea!

    15 . Oct . 2011
  24. Kristy

    Crab cakes are actually something I have trouble getting right. I usually have Mike make them instead. 🙂 I love the remoulade that you whipped up. I can just imagine how tasty that is – and with green chiles in the mix! Wonderful!

    15 . Oct . 2011
    • Kitchen Belleicious

      You getting them wrong? How is that possible- your like the best cook ever!

      17 . Oct . 2011
  25. anthony stemke

    I like traditional crab cakes but this recipe looks tremendous. The paprika, green chilies and chipotle add a new flavour dimension to this.
    I will try this for next crab cake session.
    Thank You.

    15 . Oct . 2011
  26. lena

    i just had some noodles with crab meat and crab roe at a restaurant! i feel like these crab cakes with green chiles are also calling on me now!! Did you create that sauce yourself? i wish i cld have a taste of that!!

    15 . Oct . 2011
    • Kitchen Belleicious

      Ohh crab roe! How i miss thee- I can’t wait til baby is here and I can eat my sushi and all the other things I can’t have right now:)

      17 . Oct . 2011
  27. kankana

    I love crab cakes but never made it at home. I so want to make it soon! I am seriously drooling here girl .. going back again and again to see the pics.

    15 . Oct . 2011
  28. Jay

    wow…sounds scrumptiously tasty…excellent cliks dear..
    Tasty Appetite

    15 . Oct . 2011
  29. kitchen flavours

    Oh my! You have me drooling just looking at that photo! Looks absolutely delicious! Yummilicious!

    16 . Oct . 2011
  30. sportsglutton

    Love the addition of green chile’s to this classic food!

    16 . Oct . 2011
  31. Kelli

    We love crab cakes and I didn’t realize that they were easy to make, so I am going to take you word on it and make these amazing little treats for the family and myself. Im so glad I have you…dont know what I would do without you girl.
    You don’t have long until that precious baby2 gets here. Hope all is still going well!

    16 . Oct . 2011
    • Kitchen Belleicious

      Oh super easy- especially for you- you could whip these up in a jiffy

      17 . Oct . 2011
  32. Barbara @ Barbara Bakes

    They do look incredible. So crispy and delicious!

    16 . Oct . 2011
  33. Betty @ scrambled hen fruit

    I love crab cakes, but have never tried green chiles in them. They sound spicy and delish! 🙂

    16 . Oct . 2011
  34. Reem | Simply Reem

    I love crab cakes…
    These babies here look so meaty and juicy…
    Yum yum yum….
    I am seriously drooling.

    17 . Oct . 2011
  35. Mary

    These look fabulous. I love love love the idea of putting green chile here!

    17 . Oct . 2011
  36. Bree

    Okay…yum! These pictures make me want to dive into the computer. I wish we could get good crab in WI!

    17 . Oct . 2011
  37. Joanne

    I’ve always felt like crab cakes walk a fine line between super heavy greasy and superb….I’m absolutely certain that with the green chile addition these are on the superb side.

    17 . Oct . 2011
    • Kitchen Belleicious

      I am with you on that- you have to know where to get them or how to cook them or else they will be too greasy

      17 . Oct . 2011
  38. Shawn

    I’d like some right now…please!

    17 . Oct . 2011
  39. Valerie

    This look so dreamy and delish!!!

    17 . Oct . 2011
  40. Sarah

    Wow! These look amazing- I love crab cakes and plus the remoulade sauce- simply delicious

    17 . Oct . 2011
  41. Corey

    I don’t do crab cakes nearly as often as I should- your right they are so easy!

    17 . Oct . 2011
  42. Tara

    Love these crab cakes- they look amazing

    17 . Oct . 2011
  43. Linda

    Green chilies, that’s a great twist on crab cakes…and yes, I agree, no cheese! Remolaude is always good and I’m with you on double the crab! Sometimes I forget how easy and quick these would be for a week nite dinner!

    17 . Oct . 2011
  44. Helene

    I haven’t had crab cakes in a long time. What a delicious looking dish.

    18 . Oct . 2011
  45. rosita vargas

    Exquisitas croquetas lucen bellas y tentadoras,me gusta el cangrejo y mucho más con ésta exquisita salsa,abrazos ,hugs,hugs.

    18 . Oct . 2011
  46. Torrie @ a place to share...


    26 . Oct . 2011
  47. Candace

    These crab cakes couldn’t be any yummier, Jessica! They look fantastic!

    29 . Oct . 2011

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