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Yes, this is a food blog, Yes 99% of the time I am talking about cooking and Yes 99% of the time there is butter and sugar involved in the dish but that does not negate the fact that my family and I DO eat healthy and TRY to live as healthy as we can and that includes everyday essentials from household cleaners to medicine and vitamins.

We have all heard of Celiac Disease right? It is something that has been discovered in more and more people throughout the past decade and thankfully something the food community has jumped on board with. I am proud to say that from my research there are over 200 food blogs out there dedicated to a gluten free lifestyle and over 500+ books/cookbooks also focused on the disease. While I do not suffer from Celiac disease myself there was a period in my life that I thought I might have it, let along the number of friends and family members I know who have been diagnosed with the disease. All this leads me to my newest sponsor J&L Health: The Wise Alternative.

The Wise Alternative was started as a means to recognize and help treat celiac disease: allowing people who usually could not eat things like bread and other gluten rich products to do so with no physical effects, which before were intolerable, by simple taking certain vitamins and minerals. From there The Wise Alternative has grown into a business supplying everything from herbal supplments and vitamins to household cleaners and even products designed for healthy children.

Below are just a few samples of the many things they have to offer. I plan to do a few reviews from them over the next month and then another review at the end of the year with some vitamins and herbal supplements (once I have the baby). I am extremely excited about it all but until then Jason from The Wise Alternative would like to offer 20, YES 20 lucky readers a chance to win a pack of the Silver Shield Wipes! The silver shield wipes sanitizes surfaces while you clean and helps prevent the spread of bacteria by killing them on contact. In one word – AWESOME!

A giveaway has never been easier- All you have to do is visit The Wise Alternative Contact Me page and sign up for the newsletter. Make sure to mention in the message body that you are from the Kitchen Belleicious Site and just fill in your name and email- phone number is optional. Jason will pick 20 people at random to win the Silver Shield Wipes. That’s it! On Wednesday September 21, 2011 Jason will chose the lucky readers and I will announce it the following day.

Be sure to leave a comment and ask any question(s) you might have about the store and products. Jason is more than willing to answer any questions my readers may have!

I will be back on Wednesday with an amazing little treat for all my wonderful readers! I will give you one hint…. They are loaded with coffee, thick and chewy and have a nice little swirl to them? Can you guess what they are?




  1. Mary Elizabeth

    I have heard of The Wise Alternative before from someone at church. So funny you are talking about them now. would love those wipes and the cleaning products. I think it is so important what we clean our kitchen with since we are always cooking in it.

    14 . Sep . 2011
  2. Kathyln

    Just signed up for the newsletter. Here is to hoping I am 1 of 20!

    14 . Sep . 2011
  3. Anna and Liz Recipes

    Good Morning Jessica! First, congrats on you expecting another baby! that’s wonderful! Second, my sister Liz has a dear friend with Celiac disease and we have been posting Gluten -Free recipes with her in mind. And lastly, I have never heard of The Wise Alternative. I buy Herbs for Kids and Natures Answer at my local health food store, similar products. But it would be great to enter. Thanks !

    14 . Sep . 2011
  4. jenny

    Love this idea of using herbs and natural products to help fight celiac. I am very much interested. Headed there now to check it out

    14 . Sep . 2011
  5. Mary

    this is great information and I am going to pass it along to a great friend whose daughter suffers 🙁 thanks for a thoughtful post.
    Mary x

    14 . Sep . 2011
  6. kitchen flavours

    Interesting products! Not sure whether I have seen this brand before.
    Coffee, thick, chewy, swirly,mmm… coffee bars or perhaps brownie or cookie? Whatever it is, I can tell I will already like it with those descriptions… sounds yummy!

    14 . Sep . 2011
  7. Kelli

    This couldn’t come at a better time, I am in this health kick here lately so I think these products are perfect. I have never heard of them until now so thank you girl for sharing these amazing things.
    Also thank you for the Birthday wishes! You are seriously my blogger BFF! Have a great week girl!

    14 . Sep . 2011
  8. chef_d

    This post is very close to my heart…no I don’t have celiac disease but my mother recently died of cancer and since then we’ve been very vigilant with the food we eat, our supplements, toiletries and even household products. It’s so good to know that there are more companies making natural products.

    14 . Sep . 2011
  9. Erica

    Food allergies are everywhere! I just found out I may be lactose intolerant…I cannot even imagine having Celiacs. What a great set of products!

    14 . Sep . 2011
  10. Jason@JLHealth

    Thanks so much for the post Jessica! We’re excited to be with you and able to share healthy choices with so many great people. Looking forward to the giveaway next week! Readers, be sure and use the “Contact” button on the top right side of the Home page and mention Jesscia in the message… Thanks!

    14 . Sep . 2011
  11. Torrie @ a place to share...

    How cool! Just signed up!

    And did you mention coffee???

    I’ll be back tomorrow to see that treat :).

    14 . Sep . 2011
  12. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking

    Wow I had not heard of this company. I am so glad that you have let us know about them!! I am off to check out their site!!

    14 . Sep . 2011
  13. Three-Cookies

    Vanilla flavoured pea protein??? Interesting. All these look healthy and they are fairly new but we never know, because beans may have been processed a lot to extract protein this could might affect the nutritional profile, in a good or bad way.

    14 . Sep . 2011
  14. Harriet

    This is a great site and great products. I like the idea of the love and peas. Might get me some!

    14 . Sep . 2011
  15. Tommy

    Great products! thanks for introducing them to us. you always have the best things on here

    14 . Sep . 2011
  16. Fran

    I am currently battling a gluten problem. It is not as serious as if I have gluten I am miserable but it is more that if i don’t have gluten I feel wonderful. thanks for this company profile. I am headed there to check it out now.

    14 . Sep . 2011
  17. Eva

    although I don’t know anyone with Celiac disease, my best friend is gluten intolerant, so whenever I cook for her, it is basically gluten free. She can eat gluten but in very small quantities…otherwise she doubles over in pain. I always want her to really enjoy what I make! Thanks for these products. I will pass them along to her.

    14 . Sep . 2011
  18. Mandi

    Awesome review. Never heard of them before but their products sound wonderful. Especially interested in the cleaning products and the black elderberry. i have heard great things about that

    14 . Sep . 2011
  19. Dzoli

    Thank you for posting all thsi useful information.
    Just thsi morning I read in amzeand anger that one supermarket chain(Countdown) had to take baby wipes of the shelves as they proved toxic!!Not if you used it to wipe the babies bottom but who does taht only.I wipe her also with wipes after she eats something!Lucky I do not use this particular brand but I mean…common…

    14 . Sep . 2011
  20. Reem

    Thanks for introducing us to this company…
    will sure look into their products.

    14 . Sep . 2011
  21. Elsa

    I never realized how common this disease was until I started blogging. I don’t have it either, but I try to add recipes every now and then that are gluten free.

    15 . Sep . 2011
  22. lena

    it’s really good to know there are now some other solutions for people who has celiac disease. At times they might just accidentally eat something not aware of the ingredients inside even they know they have celiac disease. I think with those vitamins and minerals offered by the company, those people with c.disease will worry less. That’s very helpful. Oh, what’s the treat for next week? let me guess..some form of cookies?? have a good weekend, jess!

    15 . Sep . 2011
  23. Jody Brettkelly

    Interesting products, I haven’t seen any of these. And I have never heard of this disease before!

    15 . Sep . 2011
  24. Caroline

    Thank you so much for sharing all of this info, especially since I have multiple friends who have celiac disease. What a great cause. I’m going to try and create some gluten-free dishes soon. I’m sure that would make my friends happy!

    15 . Sep . 2011
  25. sara@domesticallychallenged

    Sweet! I love stuff that makes cleaning easier!

    15 . Sep . 2011
  26. mandy

    I love those silver shield wipes. I am so going to sign up for the newsletter. I am reluctant giving my children certain vitamins. are you giving any to grant? I know he is still young but what is your take on it?

    16 . Sep . 2011
    • Jason@JLHealth


      Your email address bounced back as no good. Could you drop me a line please? You are a winner of the Silver Shield Wipes.

      21 . Sep . 2011
      • Mandy

        Not sure how to reach you. I will ask Jessica for your email address. I don’t know what happened but my email is! So excited I won!

        23 . Sep . 2011
  27. paul willis (@sonsothunder)

    Nothing wrong with a little sugar and butter. It’s the Carbs and amounts we partake in after it’s finished. I might have to look into some of the products, as you mentioned it originated for people who couldn’t eat bread.I realize you were talking about Gluten, but, do you know if there’s any of it that would help a diabetic who LOVES to bake and eat sourdough bread, but, the “Yeast” then loves to eat the cook. But, you said to ask Jason, right…gotcha God Bless

    19 . Sep . 2011

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