Chipotle Olive Foccacia


Out of all the breads I have made in this house the one that has continually stuck with me and is an all time staple for a quick carbfest is Focaccia. It could not be any easier than cracking an egg and there are so many different variations you can play around with that the possibilities are endless. My recent favorite was a combination of the flavors of chipotle and sweet paprika. We all know this household likes a little kick and BAM in our food from time to time so I am sure this flavor combo doesn’t come as a surprise to you all.What may be a surprise is that it happened by accident! Yep, accident! But that is how the best things are invented right? By accident?

See I was planning on doing a sweet variation to the classic focaccia for this months Monthly Mingle hosted by the Journey Kitchen. I thought a sweet piece of bread incorporating cinnamon and white peach basalmic into the dough would be outstanding but instead I ended up grabbing the wrong bottle of oil and the wrong jar of seasoning. Yep, you guessed it. I grabbed the chipotle olive oil and sweet paprika instead. Hey, it wasn’t all my fault. I really was doing my best to pay attention but I was also trying way too hard to multi-task this particular day. While the mixer was going I was folding clothes, emptying the dishwasher,  answering the phone and trying to write a post! Wheww! Just thinking about it makes me tired. Anyway, since the damage had already been done I decided to just go with it so I also grabbed my bottle of olive juice ( I like to keep the jar of olive juice for cooking long after the olives are gone) for a delightful spicy olive flavor to the bread. Although birthed by mistake this Chipotle Olive Foccacia Bread was a HIT!

One night we ate it just by itself with a nice big steak salad and the next night we christened it with crispy peppered bacon, a juicy sweet tomato and moist and delicious egg. A bacon, egg and tomato focaccia sandwich- Delicious- Enough Said!

I would love to hear about your latest dish or dessert that turned out FABULOUS due to a mistake or accident on your part! Talk to me- I’m All Ears…….


Chipotle Olive Focaccia

Ingredients: adapted from Noble Pig

1 3/4 cup of very warm water

5 cups of AP flour and more for dusting

1 package of active yeast

1 1/2 TBSP sugar

3/4 cup of Devo Chipotle Olive Oil

1 TBSP olive juice (straight from the jar)

1 tsp sweet paprika

1 TBSP kosher salt


Combine the warm water, yeast and sugar in a small bowl, allow to sit until the yeast beings to bubble, about 10 minutes.

In the bowl of a mixer fitted with a dough hook, combine the flour, kosher salt, paprika, olive juice and 1/2 cup less 1 TBSP of the oil. Mix til combined then add in the yeast mixture. Mix on low speed until the dough begins to come together then remove from the bowl. Place on a lightly floured surface and knead for another 5 minutes. Lightly oil a large bowl with 1 TBSP of oil and place the dough in the bowl, turning to coat once. Cover and allow to rise for approx 1-2 hours in a warm area of your house.

Coat a jelly roll pan with the remaining 1/3 cup of oil.  The oil will be sucked up into the bread during baking so don’t freak out about the amount of oil you see in the pan. Put the dough onto the jelly roll pan and begin pressing it out to fit the size of the pan.  Turn the dough over to coat the other side with the olive oil.  Continue to stretch the dough to fit the pan (it will eventually go into place).  As you are doing so, spread your fingers out and make finger holes all the through the dough.

Put the dough in a warm place until it has doubled in size, about 1 hour. Liberally sprinkle the top of the focaccia with some coarse salt and lightly drizzle a little oil on top.  Bake at 425 until the top of the loaf is golden brown, about 20-30 minutes.



  1. SharleneT

    I would love to try this, but there seems to be something missing… I’m not sure… maybe,… – wait, I’ll check, again… let me see-e-e-e…. um, yup, it’s not there… exactly how MUCH flour is going to hold all those other ingredients together?… can’t seem to find it in the recipe… were you multi-tasking, again?… this looks so good… please let me know how much flour to use. I’ve never made a focaccia, before… pretty please… come visit when you can.

    24 . Aug . 2011
    • kbelleicious

      LOL! Your right Sharlene, I was multi-tasking again! Good thing I have you to keep me in line! Fixing that right now! Thanks girl

      24 . Aug . 2011
  2. Shawn

    I’m so happy about that “accident”…I’m making the bread and the sandwich 🙂

    24 . Aug . 2011
  3. Candace

    ‘Nuff said indeed! I’m passing this recipe on to the focaccia baker in the household who….by the way….has been shirking his responsibilities since we moved. It looks delicious, Jessica, particularly on that sandwich. Yum!

    24 . Aug . 2011
    • Kitchen Belleicious

      Your husband does bread! How fantastic! My man does the grill and that’s as fat as it goes! Lol!

      27 . Aug . 2011
  4. Candace

    ps….I would like to have the flour measurements too, please! Thanks!!

    24 . Aug . 2011
  5. Cool Gal

    YUP….will be making this, too! I have quite the recipe collection from the kitchen of “Kitchen Belleicious.”

    24 . Aug . 2011
  6. 2 sisters recipes

    Mmmm ! We love Foccacia! And your photos are FABULOUS! easy recipe too!

    24 . Aug . 2011
  7. The Slow Roasted Italian

    This really sounds amazing. I so love my little ‘mistakes’ that turn out to be ‘genius creativity’.

    24 . Aug . 2011
  8. erica

    I have never really made bread besides in a bread machine or banana bread. I just might have to try this though. Looks like it turned out wonderful.


    24 . Aug . 2011
    • Kitchen Belleicious

      Oh Erica. Your so amazing that I know you cOuld whip this up in no time and it be fantastic! One go without the bread machine and you will be hooked.

      27 . Aug . 2011
  9. Kelli

    I don’t think anyone is upset about this accident so maybe you should accidentally make more of them. I love bread period so with all this wonderful flavor I know I will be in heaven! I love all your sweet comments on my blog you are just way to sweet! Thank you girl

    24 . Aug . 2011
  10. Rachel @ Not Rachael Ray

    Yum! Sounds delicious, and that sandwich looks like it is to die for!

    24 . Aug . 2011
  11. Erica

    One of my favorite breads!!! A sweet version sounds awesome (as does this version!!!!) My favorite restaurant in Charleston makes a tomato one…amazing

    24 . Aug . 2011
  12. lena

    lovely ‘accident’! can imagine you flying around the house doing this and that! i remember watching a chinese movie some time ago, this lady was also doing few things at one time, ironing the clothes, attending the dogs, cooking etc etc and the phone rang..she picked up her iron thinking it was her phone and it hit her ears straight! hey you take care!

    24 . Aug . 2011
  13. Joanne

    chipotle olive oil…now THAT is what’s been missing in my life! The focaccia looks perfect. It’s definitely one of my favorite breads as well!

    24 . Aug . 2011
  14. Cooking Creation

    Seriously drooling over that last picture! This is just heaven on a plate for me!!!!

    24 . Aug . 2011
  15. Alli

    Your foccacia is beautiful. That breakfast sando … OMG girl!

    24 . Aug . 2011
  16. sawsan@chef in disguise

    Some of the best recipes come out of accidents!
    That focaccia looks amazing…it is one of my favorite breads

    24 . Aug . 2011
    • Kitchen Belleicious

      Why is that? The best recipes are by accident. I swear it is true!

      27 . Aug . 2011
  17. sportsglutton

    Accident, mistake, or whatever you want to call it, these sounds delicious and something that I would probably not have thought about trying. Genius!

    24 . Aug . 2011
  18. Rachel @ The Avid Appetite

    Your foccacia looks absolutely light and perfect. I’ve never tried making it myself, but you have inspired me once again 🙂

    24 . Aug . 2011
  19. Three-Cookies

    Its funny how your accident happened. The crusty top with salt flakes looks really inviting

    24 . Aug . 2011
  20. Eva

    Rosemary Foccacia was one of the first things I made from Biba’s Italian Kitchen on Food Network, oh so many years ago. Her foccacia started with a sponge, and that made it so light, but laborious. I love how simple your recipe is, and the salt on top looks great (like sparkly little diamonds). I am going to keep my olive juice from now on…we usually only use it for dirty martinis!

    24 . Aug . 2011
  21. Malli

    That was a really beautiful accident:)
    Love the soft texture of your foccacia in the pictures and that it is so incredibly thin yet soft enough for a
    sandwich. Awesome…

    24 . Aug . 2011
  22. Reem


    What a lovely Foccacia, perfect color and crust. I love it.
    And about the wonderful accident, they are always welcome in the kitchen….. Right.
    Thanks for this recipe.

    24 . Aug . 2011
  23. Val

    Mercy, mercy me. Making the foccacia into a sandwich is pretty brilliant! Awesome recipe!

    24 . Aug . 2011
  24. Kate (What Kate is Cooking)

    This is the third mention of olive bread I’ve heard in the past few days- a sure sign that I must make some as soon as possible 🙂

    24 . Aug . 2011
  25. Nami | Just One Cookbook

    Your Foccasia is so beautiful! It’s a perfect sandwich bread if it was and what a luxurious lunch having homemade bread for meal. 🙂

    24 . Aug . 2011
  26. sara@domesticallychallenged

    My beautiful new mixer came with a bread hook, so when you come and be my live in cook, you are set to make this. Score!

    24 . Aug . 2011
  27. Erin@ Cooking on Whim

    I guess I should probably try a foccacia! I fail every time I make bread. seriously. Dense balls of… flour. Ugh.

    24 . Aug . 2011
  28. Roz

    I have got to get into bread making/baking. And I LOVE focaccia. I’d have my very own carb-fest with this, Jessica. My biggest mistake/accident seems to always be with the delicious results of a frittata filled with whatever I have on hand. They always begin in the ‘unknown’ zone of what it might taste like with whatever i throw in, and yet they always deliver a wonderful result!

    24 . Aug . 2011
  29. Shea

    Ohhh, I love foccacia! Those are dangerous around me–I could polish off the whole darn thing!! Anyway, this one sounds so good–what a creative idea to add the olive juice! Yum. (It makes it like a martini–like a “dirty” focaccia. haha.)

    24 . Aug . 2011
  30. Laural @ Being Healthier

    ooh looks fantastic! I’m still going to make the smash potato version of my own this weekend with my bf .. he is driving through a hurrican to hang with me so I figure I gotta make him somethin special right ! ha.

    24 . Aug . 2011
  31. Dzoli

    Yes bring it on.My favourite Foccacia wit proscuito:)

    24 . Aug . 2011
  32. Amelia

    Delicious foccacia and the sandwich looks awesome, yum yum

    24 . Aug . 2011
  33. kitchen flavours

    Wow! If only all “accidents” come out as delicious as this! Love your creativity! I love eating foccacia! Thanks for sharing!

    24 . Aug . 2011
  34. Baking Serendipity

    When I messed up caramel sauce, I used it in caramel flavored marshmallows. Definitely a good accident 🙂 Yours looks delicious as well! I love carbs, but have never made my own foccacia bread…I need to!

    24 . Aug . 2011
  35. Tina (PinayInTexas)

    I’ve been seeing a lot of foccacia on the web lately! But I must say that yours looks stunning!

    24 . Aug . 2011
  36. Veronica's Kitchen

    It is great fun playing around with the favour for foccacia. Everyone would give a thumb up for bacon and egg in my household.

    24 . Aug . 2011
  37. yummychunklet

    I love making foccacia! But, I’ve never tried it with chipotle. Great idea!

    25 . Aug . 2011
  38. Jessica @ Cajunlicious

    Can you please pack this up and send it my way? Great job, it looks amazing!

    25 . Aug . 2011
  39. kankana

    Perfect entry for the theme. And sometimes dishes made with zero planning turns out to be the best 🙂 That last photo is making me drool here.

    25 . Aug . 2011
  40. Jihane @Sinful Sundays

    Wow, you made focaccia bread. That’s so like, cool. And then you made the best looking sandwich with it. I love people like you!

    25 . Aug . 2011
  41. Kristy

    Okay…you’re on a roll this week. I think I have printed out each recipe so far! I’ve never made a foccacia…but I’m adding this to my list!

    25 . Aug . 2011
  42. Deborah

    What a great “mistake”! I love this combination of flavors!

    25 . Aug . 2011
  43. Sandie

    your life sounds a like like mine. Today I was tempering chocolate while making caramel AND also making gnochi all at the same time! LOL… The bread sounds delicious and the sandwich looks good enough to eat!

    25 . Aug . 2011
  44. Betty @ scrambled hen fruit

    Serendipity! I love it when that happens. 🙂 This bread is certainly a wonderful creation- it proves that all accidents are not bad ones! 🙂

    26 . Aug . 2011
  45. daphne

    hehee, too many to list jessica! I make mistakes all the time and just give the dish a new name! but sshhh.. you wont tell my secret will you? 😉

    This looks amazing and it goes to show how experimentation and creativity brings us!! Bring on the smell of fresh bread!

    26 . Aug . 2011
  46. Food Glorious Food

    Such fortunate accident! Love the recipe 🙂 Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

    26 . Aug . 2011
  47. Marsha @ The Harried Cook

    What a wonderful accident! I love the recipe, and the foccacia looks just perfect! That sandwich looks super yummy too… I’ve been catching up on recipes I’ve missed since I’ve been away from my blog, and I think I would like to move in with you… Will you adopt me? Your food is so amazing! 🙂 Great posts!

    26 . Aug . 2011
  48. My Carolina Kitchen

    Yep, this accident was a good thing as Martha Stewart would say. Seeing your bread and hearing you say how easy it is makes me wish I was a baker. My mother baked bread every day. Maybe I have the genes to be a baker after all.

    26 . Aug . 2011
  49. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking

    Our daughter loves to make bread and I know she will really like to try this recipe! I think it is such a blessing when something turns out great like this!!

    26 . Aug . 2011
  50. sweet life

    A delish accident!! love the flavors…multi taking mistake gone well..did my 7 links, so much fun!! happy friday!!

    26 . Aug . 2011
  51. Stephanie

    if I made my own foccacia I’m pretty sure my husband would think he had died and gone to domestic heaven. amazing. your pics are so inspirational!

    26 . Aug . 2011
  52. Allison @ Alli n Son

    It’s funny that you meant to make a sweet foccacia, I’ve been meaning to make a cinnamon version myself. I love the infused oils you use, great flavors.

    27 . Aug . 2011
  53. Diane

    New to your blof and I just love that sandwich with the bread. Simply a must try for me as my family loves their different types of breads. Will definitely visit often. Thanks for sharing

    27 . Aug . 2011
  54. greg

    This is one great looking accident! Love the sandwich.

    27 . Aug . 2011
  55. The Slow Roasted Italian

    This really sounds delicious. I keep coming back to it. I love foccacia!

    29 . Aug . 2011
  56. Maris (In Good Taste)

    I love foccacia bread. Would have never thought of using chipotle but that sounds OMG so good!

    29 . Aug . 2011
  57. Kimber

    Wow! This looks amazing! What a perfect idea for an afternoon lunch! Can’t wait to try it!

    01 . Sep . 2011

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