Perfectly Light Shrimp Enchilada Pasta


The other night I found myself in a bit of a pickle. You see I happened to be in the mood for both enchiladas and pasta and to make matters worse I didn’t really have the ingredients I wanted to completely make either dish. I decided to comprise and make shrimp enchilada pasta. I know that sounds really weird to some but just hang on in there- you will see where I am going with this.

By comprise I mean, I took shrimp and seasoned it Mexican style with some paprika, cumin, oregano, salt and pepper then broiled them until nice and pink. Then I took your typical green enchilada sauce in a can (yes, I dare say can on a cooking blog) and mixed it with some cream, hints of jalapeno juice and cheese to make a wonderful yet very very light sauce. Toss with your favorite pasta and a few sauteed veggies and seriously, if this isn’t the taste of an enchilada in a bowl then call me CRAZY!

The sauce is so light that you can barely tell it is on the pasta until you actually take a bit and the fresh herbs and succulent shrimp are like a match made in heaven in this dish. One bite and you will be hooked with the wonderful hint of Mexican flavors that melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more and more. Perfect for a large crowd as this dish easily feeds 6 people…. well, unless one of you is pregnant and then it only feeds 4! LOL!


Perfectly Light Shrimp Enchilada Pasta


1 pound of shrimp, cleaned and butterflied

1 can of green enchilada sauce

1/2 cup heavy cream

1/2 cup sour cream

4-6 ounces of monterrey jack cheese

1 pound of your favorite pasta

2 TBSP of Devo Chipotle Olive Oil

1 tsp of salt for the sauce plus more for seasoning the shrimp

1 tsp of cracked black pepper

1 tsp oregano

1 tsp Spanish paprika

1 tsp cumin

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 yellow bell pepper, minced

1/2 tsp cajun seasoning


Season the shrimp with a dash of salt, the oregano, cumin, and paprika. Drizzle with olive oil and broil for 5-6 minutes until pink and tender. Set aside. Meanwhile boil your pasta according to the package directions.

Saute the yellow bell pepper and garlic in  2 TBSP of the chipotle olive oil for 5-6 minutes or until tender and translucent. Add in the heavy cream and bring to a boil, reduce heat and add in the sour cream, cheese and enchilada sauce. Stir until thickened, 3-5 minutes and season with the cajun seasoning, salt and pepper. Toss with the shrimp and pasta and serve warm!



  1. Joanne

    I love your line of thinking…can’t decide – just make both in ONE. Two of my favorite things put together!

    19 . Aug . 2011
  2. Amy

    WONDERFUL!!! This looks great to eat for breakfast! I love the pictures you took it really showed off the peppers you used. Def. book marking this!

    P.S. I am all about easy cooking thanks for using the can sometimes it is just so hard!!



    19 . Aug . 2011
    • Kitchen Belleicious

      Hey girl! I do what I can and using cans is just easier sometimes!

      22 . Aug . 2011
  3. Tara

    Definitely trying this one soon!! My husband will love it too I’m sure.

    19 . Aug . 2011
  4. yummychunklet

    What a great combo to put in a shrimp pasta. Can’t wait to try it. It looks fantastic!

    19 . Aug . 2011
  5. Erica

    Italian and Mexican are my two favorite kinds of food! Combining them into one dish is pure genius. Love!

    19 . Aug . 2011
    • Kitchen Belleicious

      They are too of my favorites too girl and this is perfect for that post baby bod! So flavorful but ligh

      22 . Aug . 2011
  6. Cool Gal

    You never cease to amaze me…

    19 . Aug . 2011
  7. Erin@ Cooking on Whim

    This looks fantastic! Love it!

    19 . Aug . 2011
  8. Rhondi

    This creations looks fantastic! Italian and Mexican are my favorite cuisines. YUM!

    19 . Aug . 2011
  9. Shawn

    Canned sauce and all…I’m definitely making this! I’m loving that foodie baby he/she is coming up with some yummy stuff 🙂

    19 . Aug . 2011
  10. Rachel @ The Avid Appetite

    You are SO creative! I would never think to use enchilada sauce on pasta, but it is genius! This looks lovely and like a perfect light dinner 🙂 Have a great weekend friend!

    19 . Aug . 2011
  11. kitchen flavours

    That bowl of pasta looks so delicious! My favourite ingredient, prawns! You are so creative to come out with a delicious meal as this! Love it! Have a lovely weekend!

    19 . Aug . 2011
  12. Debbie Smith

    This looks wonderful!!

    19 . Aug . 2011
  13. Tina (PinayInTexas)

    I am a big fan of shrimps! I find this shrimp pasta dish of yours so pleasing to my eyes. I’m sure it will please my palate as well!

    19 . Aug . 2011
  14. Torrie @ a place to share...

    2 of my very favorite dishes in ONE??

    I love when you rebel against the ‘cooking rules’ … It sparks my creativity, confidence, and appetite :).

    19 . Aug . 2011
  15. Three-Cookies

    This sounds really really delicious – an Italian Mexican fusion.

    19 . Aug . 2011
  16. lena

    always like your humour, anyway there’s nothing wrong using canned food. Great for emergencies too! thanks for tagging me on the event. Shall do that within this week.

    19 . Aug . 2011
  17. Eva

    This looks delicious. The shrimp looks so sweet, I can almost taste them.

    19 . Aug . 2011
  18. Bonnie

    Well, why not? I’d call it European/Mexican fusion and I’d also call it delicious. Out of necessity comes great dishes.

    Have a great weekend.


    19 . Aug . 2011
  19. My Inner Chick

    If that’s crazy, I want some of that!!! Ths looks devine. I’m huuuuungry now 🙂

    19 . Aug . 2011
  20. Kelli

    You did it again girlfriend. I just ate lunch and totally stuffed but seeing that picture I’m totally wishing I had that. Not only does it look so pretty but the ingredients just sound some kind of good. I now know what I am making for when I host garden club this year. Thank you sweet thang you! Hope all is well with your pregnancy!

    19 . Aug . 2011
  21. Daniel Scourtes

    Love the blog wow that looks delicious! Stop by my page and tell me what you think of my work!

    19 . Aug . 2011
  22. Nami | Just One Cookbook

    Haha you are funny, as long as I’m here to eat this pasta, I know serving size would be 4… I remember I had cravings for carb, especially pasta when I was pregnant (both times). I was so happy I didn’t have to make an excuse for extra servings. 😉 This looks really good Jessica! Great work on fusion pasta!

    19 . Aug . 2011
    • Kitchen Belleicious

      I know Nami! I am just enjoying it while I can! Pasta is all I want right now- well that and cookies!

      22 . Aug . 2011
  23. Greg

    What a good idea. I can’t argue with shrimp with a kick, cheese and pasta. Love the pictures.

    19 . Aug . 2011
  24. rosita vargas

    Delicious dish with my favorite ingredient shrimp, full dish, have a good weekend.

    19 . Aug . 2011
  25. Candace

    Love, love, love fusion dishes! This is one of the best that I’ve seen. Your photos are amazing. Nice job! I’m definitely giving this pasta dish a try. If I can’t get good shrimp, maybe I can substitute chicken….??

    Thanks for sharing your recipe! I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

    19 . Aug . 2011
  26. anthony stemke

    This dish is most enchanting, I want to try it asap.

    I am more familiar with the red enchilada sauce, so this will be nice departure for me, using the green.

    Thank You.

    19 . Aug . 2011
    • Kitchen Belleicious

      You will love the green sauce if you like the red sauce. It just has a bit more sweetness but heat to it. Goes so well with any type of meat and i actually keep it on hand to use in various things

      21 . Aug . 2011
  27. Velva

    This is such a creative way to enjoy pasta. Love it! The flavors are popping. Nice!


    19 . Aug . 2011
  28. Dzoli

    This goes very well together.Maybe I am saying this because I am fan of both ,but there is no reason why this ingredients would not make a good meal.And often unplanned we make the best dishes;)

    19 . Aug . 2011
  29. Caroline

    I definitely see where you’re going with this. Sounds awesome! Very colorful too. 🙂

    19 . Aug . 2011
  30. Maris(In Good Taste)

    I think it’s very creative and looks delicious!

    19 . Aug . 2011
  31. bonnie at sweet life

    Okay this is genius!! and there is nothing wrong with using a can, I think we all have sometime or another. yumm-o!!

    ps, thanks for taggin me, left you comment on much fun!

    19 . Aug . 2011
  32. Reem

    Oh Dear you don’t know how much I want to dig into your enchilada pasta RIGHT NOW…. Perfect that’s all I can say…. I’m drooling……….

    19 . Aug . 2011
  33. Barbara @ Barbara Bakes

    What a great idea for a pasta sauce. Genius!

    19 . Aug . 2011
  34. the good soup

    You know, I don’t even know what enchilada sauce is like? I’m a Mexican Cuisine Ignoramous (MCI). But I do think this pasta looks really really tasty!

    20 . Aug . 2011
  35. My Carolina Kitchen

    It may be a little crazy, but it sounds divine. Real comfort food at it’s finest. Very creative.

    20 . Aug . 2011
  36. daphne

    it’s funny how one get creative when in the mood for 2 kind of dishes! This looks terrific and being such a fan of shrimps, it is a winner in my books!! You are amazing in creating these dishes!

    20 . Aug . 2011
  37. Kristy

    I’m thinking this would only feed four in our house and I’m not pregnant – just a bonafide pasta junkie. 🙂 I’ve never made a Mexican pasta dish before, but I’m all over it! The kids would actually eat this too. Print…

    20 . Aug . 2011
  38. Food Glorious food

    Brilliant idea! I am so in to pasta and this is just perfect for me to experiment 🙂

    20 . Aug . 2011
  39. Veronica's Kitchen

    You always come up with great ideas! If it is not too hot, my kids would ask for seconds.

    20 . Aug . 2011
  40. Shea

    I never would have thought of combining these two dishes, but wow does that look good! And this is another dish that my husband would go crazy over–his two favorite things are shrimp and enchiladas!! I’m definitely going to have to make this one!

    20 . Aug . 2011
  41. Valerie

    Perfectly Delicious!!!!

    21 . Aug . 2011
  42. Sarah

    I love this pasta. The fusion is genius and I can’t believe I haven;t tried this before seeing as how I never have anything I actually need in the house to make a dish. I usually end up throwing whatever into the pot! LOL! Seriously, love the pasta

    21 . Aug . 2011
  43. greencookinlife

    You amaze me. This looks like perfection to me. We love both mexican and italian so I am definitely making this soon. i thank you in advance

    21 . Aug . 2011
  44. Mandy - The Complete Cook Book

    Oh boy – what a fabulous combo! It must be superb! Double helping yummy!
    Have a happy Sunday.
    🙂 Mandy

    21 . Aug . 2011
  45. Roz

    You’ve done it again; come up with something special and tasty with what you ‘ve got on hand! My kind of cooking! Sounds superb and captured beautifully in your photos!

    21 . Aug . 2011
  46. Jihane @SinfulSundays

    Tres innovative, Jessica! The dish looks pretty and I’m sure it tastes even better!

    21 . Aug . 2011
  47. Gopika

    I soo soo zoo love this 😀 You have the talent to make it look so classy 😀 Yumm 😀

    21 . Aug . 2011
  48. Linda

    This looks absolutely delicious! I would never call you crazy! I call you extremely creative with an excellent eye and taste for good recipes!!

    21 . Aug . 2011
  49. Cooking Creation

    lol my husband just walked behind me while I was reading this post and he said, “Wow! That looks really good! You should make that!” It does really sound amazing. He then suggested adding peas. Guess I know what I’m making for dinner sometime this week!

    21 . Aug . 2011
  50. Barefeet In The Kitchen

    This looks delicious. I love combinations like this. I bet it really was delicious.

    22 . Aug . 2011
  51. Jan

    Amazing flavors, amazing pictures and I can’t wait to give this a try! You always surprise us!

    22 . Aug . 2011
  52. Alea Milham

    What a delicious combination! I really need to combine more seafood with Mexican dishes. The flavors go together so well, but I forget until I see a delicous recipe like this.

    25 . Aug . 2011
  53. Lana

    We had this last night and it was fantastic! Just had to let you know! Thanks for such a great recipe! Love your blog.

    29 . Aug . 2011
  54. Sawsan@chef in disguise

    sauce out of a can! oh the horror! hehehehe
    That is one great creation! bringing two of my favorite dishes together

    31 . Aug . 2011
  55. Shea

    I just made this for dinner, but with chicken instead of shrimp. WOW was it delicious! And you’re so right about the lightness of the sauce–that totally surprised me. This one is definitely a keeper!

    20 . Nov . 2011

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