Ohh! My Favorites!

Yummy Chunklet tagged me in the 7 Link Challenge last week and I was so excited to not only be chosen but to have an excuse to go back into my old files and pick my favorites. I never have time to reminiscence over past posts but this gave me a reason to do just that so I gladly welcomed the challenge.

There are only two rules: 1) publish a link specific to the categories below and 2) nominate up to 5 bloggers to take part in the challenge. Here are my chosen links for the following categories:

1. The most beautiful post: Saffron Seafood Paella

2. The most popular post: Homemade Gnocchi

3. The most controversial post: Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas or Homemade Cinnamon Rolls I didn’t really have a controversial post so I just choose two of my favorites.

4. The most helpful post: Easy as 1-2-3 Cheese Souffle (souffle, it doesn’t have to be hard!)

5. The post that was surprisingly successful: Smore’s Brownie

6. The post that did not get the attention it deserved: Eggplant Napoleon

7. The post I am most proud of: My Homemade Pretzels

I have so many favorite food bloggers that I love to visit so it is hard for me to chose just 5 but I tag the following girls that I am always curious to see what they will come up with next!


  1. Valerie

    Aww, I’am honored!! Looking through all of the goodies you posted made me so hungry!! I’m going to put my thinking cap on =) Thank sweetie.

    17 . Aug . 2011
  2. Candace

    You have come up with the most incredible dishes! I honestly don’t know how you could choose. And the food bloggers that you passed it on to? I can’t wait to see what they come up with. Great post!!

    17 . Aug . 2011
  3. Cool Gal

    I love those S’more bars. Yum!

    Now, I must give the Paella a try. I adore it!

    Congrats on your award! 🙂

    17 . Aug . 2011
  4. Dzoli

    Nmai nami:) My favourites(hard decision was Soufle and Paella;)

    17 . Aug . 2011
  5. Greg

    I love this round up because there are some of my favorites, paella, and some new ones, the napoleon. Such great pictures. You have a wonderful blog.

    17 . Aug . 2011
  6. Alli

    I love your favorites. That Napoleon has been on my mind since you posted it. It is time I make it.

    17 . Aug . 2011
  7. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking

    I can’t think of a recipe that you have posted that I haven’t liked! I have kept that S’mores recipe because I think it is just awesome and I plan on making them to give around the holidays!

    17 . Aug . 2011
  8. I Do Declare

    You really do always have the most beautiful dishes!!!

    17 . Aug . 2011
  9. yummychunklet

    Your choices are fantastic! Seafood paella and a souffle are on my to-do list, so I may be using your recipes to get them crossed off my list. Thanks for participating!

    17 . Aug . 2011
  10. Erica

    I have always been too nervous to try a soufle! Totally checking out that post!

    17 . Aug . 2011
  11. The Slow Roasted Italian

    These all look fantastic!

    17 . Aug . 2011
  12. lena

    hi jess, i just saw i’m being tagged! oh sorry, what is a controversial post? everything up there looks so beautiful, i like the paella especially!!

    17 . Aug . 2011
  13. Bonnie

    What a great list to explore! It all looks delicious. Those cinnamon rolls are calling my name.


    17 . Aug . 2011
  14. Marina @ Yummy Mummy

    great idea! All those look delicious!

    17 . Aug . 2011
  15. Brittany

    Oh my gosh… yesterday I was clicking back through your recipes and found the : Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas. I got all the stuff to make them last night at the grocery. I can’t wait to try it!!!

    17 . Aug . 2011
  16. Shawn

    I wouldn’t know where to start on your blog…everything, I mean EVERYTHING that you do makes we wish that I could take out a spoon and serve myself…right from the computer screen!

    P.S. Your onion rings were such a hit with yesterdays’ lunch, my husband got jealous and I’ve had to prepare them for him this morning!

    17 . Aug . 2011
  17. sara@domesticallychallenged

    Hold tight…now where is the link to my blog for fav recipe bloggers? I mean, my recipes don’t involve FOOD per say, but if you looked hard enough, you could find a mention of them, I would think…! Great choices!

    17 . Aug . 2011
  18. Three-Cookies

    I hadn’t seen some of the posts previously. I have never made a souffle, now I am motivated

    17 . Aug . 2011
  19. Malli

    Absolutely love you ryummy “homemade pretzels”!!
    Awesome posts. Cheers

    17 . Aug . 2011
  20. Jessica

    That paella looks so delicious!

    17 . Aug . 2011
  21. Caroline

    Oh wow, I must have some of that homemade gnocchi right now…it looks absolutely amazing! I’m loving this 7 link challenge so I get a chance to look at some of your older posts that I haven’t seen yet. 🙂

    17 . Aug . 2011
  22. Tara

    Mmmmmm! I just had lunch, but you are already making me hungry again! 🙂

    17 . Aug . 2011
  23. Rachel @ the Avid Appetite

    I always love reading recipe roundups like this. Everything looks SO good! Esp those brownies and pretzels 🙂 Very impressive.

    17 . Aug . 2011
  24. Gopika

    Gosh.. looking through all the goodies in your post has got me hungry.. 😀 Love the smores a lot 😀

    17 . Aug . 2011
  25. Vijitha

    My god! That’s one delicious collection. I loved the gnocchi. Yum!

    17 . Aug . 2011
  26. rosita vargas

    Thanks for being in my kitchen, I love your kitchen is very complete, it is difficult to choose your wonderful proposal, but I am happy soufllé, my taste is fun, loving hugs and goodbye.

    17 . Aug . 2011
  27. Reem

    Wonderful!!!!! Just can’t keep my eyes off the delicious smore’s and cheese souffle…. Infact everything looks yummyyyyyy….

    17 . Aug . 2011
  28. Maris (In Good Taste)

    All of these look amazing an are making me wish I had more than boring pasta for dinner!

    17 . Aug . 2011
  29. Shea

    How were you able to choose?! I’m reminded that I still need to try so many of these recipes. Especially those pretzels–they’re calling my name!

    17 . Aug . 2011
  30. sophia

    Greetings! 🙂

    I found you from Yummy Chunklet and I’m glad she awarded you this so I can get a brilliant glimpse of your blog. I’m not at all surprised that your s’mores brownies got a great hit, because it looks awesome and one of my most popular posts was probably the s’mores granola bars I made…seems like people really love their s’mores!

    17 . Aug . 2011
    • Kitchen Belleicious

      I agree. Something about smores people LOVE! Thanks for the visit

      21 . Aug . 2011
  31. Betty @ scrambled hen fruit

    ALL of these dishes look wonderful. It’s after ten pm here but I’m getting hungry just looking at your choices! Love the enchiladas best- or maybe the cinnamon rolls…I can’t decide! 🙂

    17 . Aug . 2011
  32. Nami | Just One Cookbook

    What a great choice! I realize you really have equal amount of bakery stuff and food. What a huge repatriate! There are some posts that I wasn’t around back then. The cheese souffle sounds interesting! I should check it out! Oh boy I’m so hungry looking at your big photos of delicious food!

    18 . Aug . 2011
  33. Mandy - The Complete Cook Book

    Ooh what an outstanding round up!
    Have a happy day.
    🙂 Mandy

    18 . Aug . 2011
  34. Joanne

    Aww thanks babe! I’m going to try to do this today…I loved getting a flashback to some of your old posts!

    18 . Aug . 2011
  35. lucy

    la paella di pesce è fantastica! anche i pretzel!tutto sicuramente ottimo

    18 . Aug . 2011
  36. Kristy

    I just printed out your eggplant napoleon! I missed that one and I’m glad you reposted it. Wasn’t it fun to go back through and pick your 7! 🙂 Great choices.

    18 . Aug . 2011
  37. Ciccia

    All those dishes look so inviting! I would eat a bit of everything. I’m glad you say everyone can cook. My daughter (hungrycaramella.blogspot.com) has no clue about cooking, but she sure loves to eat. I will tell her to visit you and maybe learn something. I’m Sicilian but my husband is Japanese so I cook a lot of Asian food. Anyway, I’m following you from Rome. Your blog is splendind!

    18 . Aug . 2011
  38. Laural @ Being Healthier

    wow I hope I am tagged because that is a super cool idea to go back through like that!! I LOVED each post you shared- ESP the one that didnt get enough attention haha! Fantastic ideas and I kept saying yum and oo the whole way through

    18 . Aug . 2011
    • Kitchen Belleicious

      Thanks girl. Can you believe the eggplant didn’t get everyone’s attention. I think it was a bad time of the summer or something because it sure was my favorite

      21 . Aug . 2011
  39. Kate (What Kate is Cooking)

    I’m not at all surprised that the s’mores brownies recipe was so popular 🙂 Two of the best foods combined!!

    18 . Aug . 2011
  40. kitchen flavours

    Everything looks scrumptious! Wish I live next door to you! 🙂

    19 . Aug . 2011
  41. Chaya

    You have fantastic recipes.

    19 . Aug . 2011
  42. bonnie

    How fun!! I’m playing catch up this week, glad you stopped by to let me know. How sweet!! I will post mine soon!! thanks!

    great recipe featured!!

    19 . Aug . 2011
  43. Sarah

    My word, this is one great round up. I totally missed the eggplant dish so I have to go back and read that one and get the recipe. All sound divine

    21 . Aug . 2011
  44. Roz

    Oh yes, Jessica, you’ve re-capped some of my favorite creations from you too in this list! Thanks for listing your other 5 favorites, I don’t know 4 of them, so I’m going to go check them out right now! This is a great way to discover other bloggers!

    21 . Aug . 2011
  45. Tanya

    Love all of these. would be hard for me to pick a favorite

    22 . Aug . 2011
  46. Sawsan@chef in disguise

    That is a lovely roundup!
    I am happy to discover posts I missed

    31 . Aug . 2011

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