Update on Shelter A Child

At this Time I am Not Selling Anymore Belle Bands. Thank you for your support. My Goal of $30,000 has been met- Praise the Lord!

I haven’t updated you all in a while as to what is going on with my Shelter A Child project. As many of you know, about 3 months ago I personally committed to raising $30,000 to build a church orphanage in the Girhorwe community of Rwanda. I am partnering with ICM, International Cooperating Ministries, to change these kids lives by giving them a shelter, a home, a refuge from their devasting past. Most of the kids do not have parents and live on the streets alone, not knowing where there next meal is even coming from. This breaks my heart into imagining my own son in those conditions, having never received so much as a hug or hearing the words “I Love You”.

I have been overwhelmed by the tremendousness support, donation and prayers from my blogging friends and I just want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to you all and my friends and family I have raised $18,500 so far towards my goal of $30,000 for the orphanage. I never thought in a million  years I would be this far so shortly. The Lord is truly blessing this and I can’t wait to see where He has me go and what he has me to do to raise the rest of the money. Which brings me to my absolutely amazing news!

If you haven’t heard of Southern Proper ( my sponsor over there to the right) they are the quintessential southern clothing company for the south. A must-have staple for any southern beau and belle. They have products ranging from clothing, frat hats, polos,croakies and more each bearing a signature mark of distinction. When I first saw their knit polo’s with the cute little dog and the amazing ties that just scream Preppy I immediately feel in love. Since then I have became great friends with the two amazing women who run the company, Reagan and Emily. They are beautiful on the inside and out and love our Lord so when I told them about my church orphanage project they literally jumped at the chance to help!

Emily and Reagan have donated (as in I have them here at my house) 100 belle bands for me to personally sell with all proceeds going directly to Shelter A Child. Southern Proper belle bands are perfect for those days when your all dressed up or if your like me- the days when you don’t want to get all dressed up but still want to look cute. I just pop on a belle band with some raggy jeans and polo shirt and I am ready to hit the town! Okay, not really hit the town because I am a stay at home mom- but I am ready for the park and grocery store! LOL!

Purple_JollyRoger_Belleband_2 img-thing

Their are 4 different belle bands to chose from:  The Black Lab Red Band, The Pink Horse and Cup Band, The Light Blue Cotton Pickin Band (my personal favorite) and the Navy Blue Sweet Magnolia Band.

cotton pickin uga horse and cup sweet magnolia

I am in love with these bands and I hope you all are too. Please consider buying a Southern Proper belle band from Kitchen Belleicious for yourself or as a gift for a friend. Teenage and college girls would LOVE them. All you have to do is click on the Buy Now button below and you will be sent to a secure Paypal Shopping Cart where you can pick your color and quantity. From there I will ship your belle band to you ASAP so you can start enjoying it. Again, every single amount of money made from these belle bands goes straight to Shelter A Child. Please help me reach my goal of $30,000 by simply buying a $18 band. That’s all it takes. I appreciate your donations and support and I wish you all the best day ever!

How Many do you Want?
Pick Your Color
Thanks for your donation!

If you would like to make a separate donation to Shelter A Child, you can click on the donate button below or click on the Shelter A Child web address which will bring you to the ICM donation page. 100% of all proceeds go directly to the orphanage and your donations are tax deductible.

Or Visit Shelter A Child Donation Page



  1. Erica

    What an amazing cause! You totally rock! Is there any way for me to buy the bulldog band from them and get the donation made to you??

    17 . Jun . 2011
  2. Emily

    Good luck! I blogged about your post today. We’ll get you to 30K before you know it!

    17 . Jun . 2011
  3. Three-Cookies

    Great cause, and you are going well with the amount raised so far. I will pass on the message to friends I have living in the US

    17 . Jun . 2011
  4. Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride

    Wow, that is truly amazing. Do you have a banner or button ad that shares this with other bloggers?

    17 . Jun . 2011
  5. Greg

    What a great cause! And congrats on being so close to your goal. I’ll show my wife these tonight and see if they strike her fancy.

    17 . Jun . 2011
  6. Alli

    Hi! I am trying to buy my super cute band but, it is returning an error when trying to connect with paypal. I need to help support!

    17 . Jun . 2011
  7. Food Glorious Food ( My Personal Food Journal)

    Great cause! Wish you all the best! God bless…

    17 . Jun . 2011
  8. Caroline

    Such an amazing cause, I wish you the best of luck! I will definitely show this to some of my friends. 🙂

    17 . Jun . 2011
  9. yummychunklet

    How cute! I’m going to email my sister to see if she wants me to get any for her girls before I place my order. Such a great cause!

    17 . Jun . 2011
  10. sweetlife

    You rock!! an amazing cause, I love this idea!! My little sis would love these!! she lives in headbands, sending over. Tweeting!!


    17 . Jun . 2011
  11. Nami @ Just One Cookbook

    Jessica, you are an amazing lady and I’m really impressed. You already received half of your goal amount and that’s not easy… My husband has paypal account so I’ll have to ask him to buy this for me. Meanwhile…..good luck!

    17 . Jun . 2011
    • Nami @ Just One Cookbook

      Done paid by credit card! Thanks!!

      17 . Jun . 2011
  12. The Harried Cook

    What you are doing is amazing! I will pass on the information to my friends who live in the US and tweet about it too! Fabulous work… God bless you 🙂

    18 . Jun . 2011
  13. Stephanie

    So proud of you girl. What a wonderful thing u are doing! May the Lord continue to bless it. Love the red band – buying one now! Or maybe two!

    18 . Jun . 2011
  14. Allison @ Alli m Son

    What an amazing thing!!! I had no idea you were trying to raise money for an orphanage. You are truly amazing, as are the two women helping you with these bands.

    18 . Jun . 2011
  15. Kristy

    Wow! Congrats on how much you’ve raised. That is truly amazing! And what a wonderful cause. I’m in for one. 🙂

    18 . Jun . 2011
  16. Khara

    You are AMAZING! You are such a beautiful person and you have the Biggest Heart!

    20 . Jun . 2011
  17. Torrie @ a place to share...

    Jessica, this is so incredibly wonderful!!! I am so proud of you!!! You’ve raised an unbelievable amount of money so far- but come to think of it- it *is believable :).

    I’m buying a band right now!

    25 . Jun . 2011
  18. lauren

    do you still have the head bands in stock???

    12 . Aug . 2011
  19. lauren

    I bought mine almost a week ago and i was just wondering how long it usually take to receive them?

    17 . Aug . 2011
  20. Kaitlyn

    I ordered one through paypal on Aug 13 and it still hasn’t shipped out. When can I expect it to be sent out?

    18 . Aug . 2011
    • Kaitlyn

      Perfect! Thanks so much and good luck with your cause 🙂

      24 . Aug . 2011
  21. lauren

    i love the belle band i ordered but i was wondering if you still had the Navy Blue Sweet Magnolia

    19 . Aug . 2011

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