Recipe Challenge- 5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake


Thanks for visiting our 4th installment of the Recipe Challenge. I love this idea and the motivation it is producing in all of you to get in the kitchen and scratch off that recipe from your bucket list. The past 2 weeks have  been beyond BUSY for me. Things I might divulge to you here in a few weeks but as of right now let’s just say I have had almost no time to really spend in the kitchen (at least not coming up with new recipes and definitely not being able to scratch anything off my bucket list). If you are new to this Recipe Challenge post please be aware that it is usually ten times longer than this and full of amazing photos of amazing dishes from amazing women like yourself. If you are a regular then PLEASE forgive me for not being able to post your pictures individually as I have done in the past. We all get busy and a food blogger is no exception but I swear this is the first and only time I will be using a McLinky Tool for everyone to link up their dishes and pictures.

If you think about it thought a McLinky tool is such a great idea because it allows more people to come and link up their dishes and for everyone else to see your submissions. I hope you all will take the time to link up your latest creation in the kitchen (down below). Remember- the recipe challenge is not about doing something grand and spectacular in the kitchen (as you will see in my recipe below) but the point is to make something you have never made yet have always wanted to. Like I said earlier, your recipe bucket list so to speak. The recipe can be challenging or the easiest thing in the world (again see my recipe below) but as long as it is new to you and something you have been wanting to do then it is PERFECT for this Recipe Challenge!

So what is my recipe you might  be wondering? Well, I have seen on numerous occasions recipes for microwave cakes and since my obsession with my easy bake oven during my childhood years everytime I think of baking a cake in the oven I get all giddy inside. I don’t know why but the ability to turn something so simple into something so yummy in 5 minutes is like, welll…. simply MAGICAL!

I cam across a 5 minute mug cake recipe in the latest addition of the Food Network Magazine and since I was SUPER busy this week I thought I would scratch this simple yet oh so interesting recipe off my list in literally 5 minutes. I know I am busy but 5 minutes for a cake- come on? Who can resist that? I was like a little girl all over again. My husband laughed at me because he said I was carefully placing all my ingredients on the counter and lining them up side by side and just looking at everything with such silly excitement. I tell you- I was just amazed at the feat I was about to accomplish.  One ingredient after the other went into these 2 little mugs and the end result was a rich dark chocolate batter that I couldn’t wait to eat. After 3 1/2 minutes in the microwave, it was time for the test! Would it be moist? Would you get enough of the chocolate flavor and richness typically found in a chocolate cake?  YES, YES and YES! All of the above. It was so wonderful and comforting to sit on the couch with the huge mug  of cake in my hands. The cake was dense but moist and surprisingly had a wonderful rich taste. Now HOLD ON- I love my desserts and I am the first to tell you that this is not the ultimate chocolate cake. It is not the best cake you have ever had in your life but it is the best 5 minute cake you have EVER had and the easiest cake you will ever MAKE! Enough said. Whip this up for your kids by combining different and fun ingredients like white chocolate chips or nuts or a caramel sauce on top perhaps or do what I did and I made it for the hubs and I late one night when we needed something sweet and FAST!

I know this recipe might sound silly to some but it was fun and easy and such a treat to make in 5 minutes! Try it out and see what I mean! Don’t forget to link up your recipes below!



Rich and Decadent 5 Minute Mug Cake

Ingredients:Makes 2 small cakes or 1 large mug cake. I doubled the recipe in the pictures above to make 2 large mug cakes

1/4 cup flour

8 TBSP sugar

2 TBSP cocoa powder

5 TBSP semi-sweet  or dark chocolate chips, melted

1 TBSP espresso or coffee liquer

1 egg, slightly beaten

3 TBSP whole milk

3 TBSP vegetable oil

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp grated orange zest

1/2 tsp vinegar

1/2 bar of dove chocolates roughly chopped

1 tsp vanilla extract

powdered sugar or cocoa powder for sprinkling


Mix everything together in a bowl or in the mug itself. Blend with a fork or whisk until completely smooth. Microwave for 2 minutes or 3 1/2 minutes if you double the recipe. Sprinkle with powdered sugar or cocoa powder.



  1. whitney

    it looks so yummy!!! i need to try this. don’t get too bogged down or feel guilty for being busy!


    20 . Apr . 2011
  2. cool gal

    Oh my goodness, that looks scrumptious! I LOVE chocolate. Love it, I tell ya!

    You are so talented in the kitchen!

    20 . Apr . 2011
  3. Melissa

    I was craving these last night, but I didn’t have time to make them (go figure lol). I think I’ll have to make time tonight though. I’ll give your recipe a try!!!

    20 . Apr . 2011
  4. Torrie @ a place to share...

    THIS is why I love you. I was all worried that my recipe was “too simple” and you were on the exact same mindset! … and come to think of it, I don’t know why I was worried. I absolutely love simple recipes. There’s a time and place for complex, but sometimes- on week’s like this, simple is a blessing. In fact, even with a busy day ahead and a huge to-do list, I’m adding this to my list! Because it’s so doable, and perfect for a rainy day treat for the kids! =)

    {I didn’t get a chance to edit my recipe post last night, but I’m headed to do so now!}

    20 . Apr . 2011
  5. val

    I truly need this mug cake in my life!!!!

    20 . Apr . 2011
  6. Alli

    Silly! I think this is fantastic. We all need homemade, quick go to treats. My family would go nuts for these.

    20 . Apr . 2011
  7. sweetlife

    i have always wanted to try these mug cakes, they look awesome..perfect for my girls!!


    20 . Apr . 2011
  8. Christina

    This is amazing! I need to make these. I am a sucker for chocolate cake.

    20 . Apr . 2011
  9. daphne

    what an easy recipe! i’m sorry i didn’t participate this time round- was too busy too! but great round up again!

    20 . Apr . 2011
  10. JANE

    OH BOY! I can see what I really want to make on your blog, but can’t make it now! Too dangerous for me. Will print out and save. Beautiful posting, thanks.

    20 . Apr . 2011
  11. Shea

    I’ve always wanted to try that!! I never believed it for some reason, but now I’m sold! Can’t wait to check out everyone’s recipes!

    20 . Apr . 2011
  12. sara@domesticallychallenged

    That is too cool! Elijah wants to do some baking, and he will be all over this type!

    20 . Apr . 2011
  13. Ruth

    When I saw your post title today I got worried I had missed your email. Glad I didn’t.
    The cake looks wonderful!!!

    20 . Apr . 2011
  14. Joanne

    i LOVE the mcLinky tool…makes life so much easier for everyone! This chocolate mug cake sounds delicious…love that you get dessert in 4-5 minutes flat!

    21 . Apr . 2011
  15. Maris (In Good Taste)

    I am honestly so excited to get this recipe. It saves me sitting down and eating half a cake!

    21 . Apr . 2011
  16. To the Kitchen

    Love Love Love it! Such a great idea and don’t worry_ i am busy too and forgot to even have you a pic ready so shame on me!

    21 . Apr . 2011
  17. Laurelie

    Wow- I know what we will be having this weekend. I would love to top the cakes with some espresso sugar? Have you seen it? It is my new fav thing ever

    21 . Apr . 2011
  18. Erica

    I love the idea of easy, individual recipes! These look so good! They like explode out of the mug

    21 . Apr . 2011
  19. Mandi

    OMG how perfect are these little individual desserts?! I will HAVE to try these. I’m always looking for something simple like this that I can just make a couple of for me and the hubs! Hope you’re doing well sweetie!

    21 . Apr . 2011
  20. Rachel @ The Avid Appetite

    Ahh that looks like an absolutely perfect quick fix when chocolate cake is completely necessary and needed in an instant (like every weeknight after work). Love!

    21 . Apr . 2011
  21. Maria @ Scandifoodie

    Yummy! So scrumptious, a perfect quick treat!

    21 . Apr . 2011
  22. Becky

    What a great idea. I just found you today and became a follower. When I cook, I tend to dive in whether it is just the two of us or 13 for a dinner party. And when I thought about what I have tried new this year, I have already made three: Bananas Foster, Irish Soda Bread (including Spotted Dog), and flan. They were all so easy, fun, and delicious. The Bananas Foster got one guest hovering with the fire extinguisher, but kudos reigned instead of retardant.

    21 . Apr . 2011
  23. Lindsay

    Amazing idea! Love the idea of being able to cook something in 5 minutes. You can’t even do that with veggies! Awesome! So trying it soon

    21 . Apr . 2011
  24. Amanda

    Sovi amass see this in magazines and on shows but never think it actually works until saw your recipe! Ifi can make a chocolate cake in 5 minutes then I am all on board!

    21 . Apr . 2011
  25. Allison @ Alli 'n Son

    Oh. My. I’m in love. I must try this. Probably tomorrow, when my sweet tooth really seems to kick in.

    21 . Apr . 2011
  26. Allison @ Alli 'n Son

    P.S. Did you link this up with Sweet Tooth Friday yet?

    21 . Apr . 2011
  27. pigpigscorner

    I made this once and mine didn’t turn out too well 🙁 Yours looks great!

    22 . Apr . 2011
  28. MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College

    This is amazing!!! Even if I had all day to make cake I would choose this delicious looking five minute recipe any day!

    You are too funny, I line my ingredients up and make sure everything is all ready to go when I am really excited about a recipe too 🙂

    22 . Apr . 2011
  29. sonia

    Hi There, The cake is looking absolutely delightful. Very nicely made and presented. Its always fun to see ur appetizing recipes. Saving this recipe of urs and wud love to give ur version a try on the coming weekend. Have a great day !!!

    22 . Apr . 2011
  30. Ashley

    Oh my gosh- YUM!

    22 . Apr . 2011
  31. Cooking Gallery

    These look so awesomely yummy! So glad that I found your blog, you’ve got many delicious recipes here :).

    23 . Apr . 2011
  32. Candace

    Omy! This will be perfect for those times when I absolutely have to have chocolate and have no inspiration to really bake. You’re my hero. 🙂

    Have a wonderful Easter, sweet friend! *hugs*

    24 . Apr . 2011
  33. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking

    Oh I agree these look so yummy and they sound like they would be really quick and easy to make!

    24 . Apr . 2011
  34. judee@glutenfreeA-Z

    5 minute cake in a mug recipes are the best! I make them all the time and they are really, really good! I love your pictures too.

    I posted a 5 minute gluten free version of cake in a mug

    25 . Apr . 2011

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