Basil Coated Grill Cheese with Prosciutto and 3 Cheeses

In honor of grilled cheese month, no one is sure who exactly decided this way back when, I wanted to do something extra special with my grilled cheese sandwiches. I am all about the cheese! When I was pregnant my favorite two things to eat where grilled cheese dunked in hot soup and chicken salad sandwiches from none other than Chic-fil-A. Like most kids my son’s favorite meal is grilled cheese and I for one and all for it! I happily tag along with this obsession!

Most people tend to think that grilled cheese sandwiches are just for kids when in fact they actually started out as a dish just for adults- betcha didn’t know that? I am going to apologize ahead of time for those of you who are looking for a healthy sandwich idea. No bones about it, this baby (my sandwich of course) is ridiculously delicious with credit to a yummy basil infused egg wash that I fried it in- taking cues from the every so popular Monte-Cristo method.

I then loaded it down with three types of cheese: Provolone, Swiss and Colby and topped it off with a somewhat subtle horseradish mayo and lots of salty layers of Prosciutto. This sandwich is simply divine, amazing, savory, a tad bit Sweet (from the basil) and a sandwich that you must and I do mean MUST make at home. They key to this dish is the basil infused egg wash using the basil from my own garden. Even though the sandwich is pan-fried the basil brings a certain freshness to dish that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Leave off the prosciutto and top with ham for a treat the kids will even love!


Basil Infused Grill Cheese with Prosciutto and 3 Cheeses


6 slices of sourdough bakery bread ( this makes 2 sandwiches so double the ingredients below for a family of four)

1/2 pound of sliced prosciutto ( 3 slices per sandwich)

3 eggs mixed with 1/3 cup of milk

4 TBSP chopped basil or you could use basil puree found in the vegetable isle at your grocery store

1/4 pound each of provolone cheese, swiss cheese and colby

butter for the bread

Horseradish Mayo: mix all ingredients together

3 tsp horseradish

1 tsp garlic powder

1/2 cup mayo

dash of salt and pepper

For each sandwich use 3 slices of bread. Butter one side of bread first on the outside then spread the horseradish mayo over the inside of the bread, then cover with a slice of cheese, then prosciutto, then another slice of cheese. Spread a small amount of horseradish mayo over the 2nd piece of bread and place the 2nd piece of bread on top. Cover that with 2 more slices of prosciutto and 1 more slice of cheese. Top with last slice of bread. Make the remaining sandwiches and set aside. Meanwhile, mix the eggs and milk together and add in the chopped basil. Whisk to combine and dip each sandwich into the egg mixture and fry on a hot skillet. Brown on all sides being careful not to burn the bread- Approximately 4 minutes on each side.

Serves 4 cut into triangles or 2 as a whole sandwich



  1. Niki

    My mouth is watering…looks so tasty!

    08 . Apr . 2011
  2. Katie

    Oh wow. This just looks amazing. I love a grown up grilled cheese!

    08 . Apr . 2011
  3. cool gal

    I am going to make these for dinner toning minus the prosciutto – Lent. But, I will give them a try with the meat in the future.

    They sound absolutely divine. I am going to prepare the horseradish this morning and let the flavors marry all day.

    Thanks for sharing. I LOVE grilled cheese. YUM! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

    08 . Apr . 2011
  4. Kaitlyn

    Uhhhh YUM!

    08 . Apr . 2011
  5. Maris (In Good Taste)

    This is about the best grilled cheese I have seen!

    08 . Apr . 2011
  6. Kathyln

    Love this sandwich. How you do what you do I do not know! wow- that was a lot of do’s in one sentence! LOL! Going to try this for sure for my family this weekend- prob sunday. will let you know how it turns out!

    08 . Apr . 2011
  7. To the Kitchen

    Love the flavors in this dish. Basil in egg? genius

    I have mint- could I use that instead

    08 . Apr . 2011
  8. Lindsay

    i am making these this weekend! yum!! and thanks girl for your comment about my grandfather…they still don’t know whats wrong, just praying he will get better. thank you for your support! have a fabulous weekend!

    08 . Apr . 2011
  9. Daniele

    AMAZING! Simply AMAZING> Can you please send some my way! LOL!

    08 . Apr . 2011
  10. Kitchen Belleicious

    To the kitchen- yes girl you could so use mint but I would do a dessert type of sandwich with it maybe with some strawberries and sweet cheese inside and then coated in a mint infused sauce- ohh! maybe do a drizzle of chocolate sauce over the top! YUM!

    08 . Apr . 2011
  11. Bonnie

    Wow! This looks delicious. I think I’ll add a bowl of steaming tomato soup for the perfect supper–or lunch!


    08 . Apr . 2011
  12. Kelli

    Oh my oh my this looks some kind of good! How did I miss the strawberry recipe before this one. Crazy but I just bought a flat of strawberries yesterday from the local 4H group. Wow is this perfect or what I think well I know I will be at grocery store this afternoon on my way to school pick up then looks like Saturday Im having the terrific grilled cheese and a wonderful strawberry dessert! You my Darlin just made my weekend! The kids are in for a real treat!

    08 . Apr . 2011
  13. Torrie @ a place to share...

    Grilled cheese month… Seriously??

    That’s my kinda month!! I don’t care what diet I’m on. I cannot turn down a grilled cheese sandwich (that, nor mac & cheese :). And we’re planting our basil today, so that last one will be first up!

    Jessica- the salmon was absolutely delicious. I served it with coconut brown rice. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    I’ll definitely make it again (an excuse to use up that newly acquired wasabi powder, right?).

    08 . Apr . 2011
  14. Susie

    my whole family is going to thank you for this. I have a huge bunch of basil growing in our backyard. This is what we are having tonight for sure

    08 . Apr . 2011
  15. Renee

    Did you have to go and post that today. I mean seriously. I was doing so good this week. I guess everyone deserves a little treat/break right?

    08 . Apr . 2011
  16. Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons

    I’m eventually going to have a giant basil plant… this will be perfect! I loooove basil and cheese together! <3

    08 . Apr . 2011
  17. Sandy

    Fancy and delicious looking. I love you used three cheese and three slices of bread! what a special treat to use with my basil this summer. I just planted some!

    08 . Apr . 2011
  18. Erica

    What a fantastic sandwich! Can’t beat grilled cheese, especially with multiple kinds of cheese- YUM! Josh is a HUGE prosciutto fan- he’d love this version. <3

    08 . Apr . 2011
  19. val

    What a drool worthy sandwich!!! Happy Friday!

    08 . Apr . 2011
  20. sweetlife

    three types of cheese, oh a perfect dinner treat!!


    08 . Apr . 2011
  21. Shea

    I’m a sucker for a grilled cheese sandwich! And throw prosciutto in there?! Awesome!

    08 . Apr . 2011
  22. ModernMom

    I didn’t know that about grilled cheese. I have to seriously step it up the next time I think about that sandwich:)

    08 . Apr . 2011
  23. Kate (What Kate is Cooking)

    3 cheeses?! Say no more- I’m on it 🙂

    09 . Apr . 2011
  24. Maria @ Scandifoodie

    This is so naughty! I adore cheese, but I am trying to cut back on dairy at the moment. This looks amazing though!

    09 . Apr . 2011
  25. JANE

    This is one of those WOW recipes for me. Simple, rich, delicious. I will be making this next week. I just lost 20 pounds so maybe I better make it for my guests. I LOVE you blog, and will be checking back here very often for ideas.

    09 . Apr . 2011
  26. thatssoron

    nothing like crispy cheese

    09 . Apr . 2011
  27. pigpigscorner

    *drools* Love grilled cheese sandwiches too! I like the idea of adding basil – fab!

    09 . Apr . 2011
  28. Amanda

    Oh wow. Those are some mighty fine looking grilled cheese sandwiches you’ve made there. Once I get a new basil plant, I’ll definitely have to try mixing it in with the egg, sounds amazingly good!

    09 . Apr . 2011
  29. Candace

    I am so making these! Prosciutto, cheese, basil…horseradish mayo?? I’m in. 🙂

    09 . Apr . 2011
  30. Elle Sees

    oooh i’ve been drooling over your recipes!!! i can’t cook well, so i live thru sites like yours.
    ps–have you entered my giveaway?

    09 . Apr . 2011
  31. Joanne

    Wow this is a rockstar grilled cheese! THREE types of cheese PLUS prosciutto PLUS a basil-infused egg wash…GENIUS.

    10 . Apr . 2011
  32. sara@domesticallychallenged

    That is about the best sounding thing right now!

    10 . Apr . 2011
  33. Nicole-Lynn

    Ohhh yum!

    15 . Apr . 2011

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