Ultimate Chewy Brownie

I am sticking to the title of this post unless someone would like to bake me a pan of brownies, stuff them in my mouth and torture me into saying they are better than the brownies I am about to show you!

Did you know that in a poll conducted by Cook’s Illustrated that the majority of people would rather eat brownies out of a box over homemade brownies because of the shear moist gooeyness and chewy texture. Yours truly is No was one of those box brownie lovers, that is, until the other day.

Have I mentioned Cook’s Illustrated before? Nope, really? Hummm.. Well, shame on me! Cook’s Illustrated is like a food lover’s bible. It is packed full of not only great recipes but interesting articles and tips to help you make the best out of your kitchen skills and the food your preparing. For instance, did you know that  you could use your salad spinner to remove any excess water from frozen spinach or grated potatoes (for making hash browns). Anyway, you get the point. I love this magazine and thanks to Patrick’s Aunt Janie I get to find this beauty in my mailbox for another year!

So if I am not the new spokesman for Cook’s Illustrated then where might you ask am I going with this? Well, glad you asked:) A while back Cook’s Illustrated had an article titled “How to create the texture and flavor from box-mix brownies from scratch”. Perfect huh? Like music to your ears! I read that article and I memorized that article and I am now obsessed with that article and their recipe for brownies.  I have to say these brownies are the best brownies I have ever HAD and I double dog dare  you to find me a better recipe for mimicking box-mix brownies! Double Dog Dare you!

Enjoy! WAIT! Kidding! I can’t leave you without letting you in on the secret according to Cook’s Illustrated.  Are you ready? The key to the texture of the box-mix brownie is the ratio of saturated to unsaturated fat. The  box-mix brownies have a 28% to 72% ratio while a classic brownie recipe has a 64% to 36% ratio. You must use a mixture of butter and oil along with an extra egg yolk thrown  in there. Give it a try for yourself and say BYE BYE to the box mix forever!  Oh and try your hardest not to lick the entire bowl at the end- I made myself sick! LOL!


Chewy and Gooey Homemade Brownies

(Recipe adapted from Cook’s Illustrated)


1/3 cup Dutch-processed cocoa
1½ teaspoons instant espresso (optional)
½ cup plus 2 Tablespoons boiling water
4 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, finely chopped ( I had to use 2 ounces of semi-sweet chips because I ran out of the squares)
1/2 stick unsalted butter, melted
½ cup plus 2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
2 large eggs
2 large egg yolks
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 cups sugar plus 1/4 cup
1¾ cups all-purpose flour
¾ teaspoon salt
5 ounces bittersweet chocolate, cut into ½-inch pieces


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and lined your baking pan with foil and spray with non-stick cooking spray.

Boil your water either over the stove or in the microwave and then place in a large bowl. Add the cocoa powder and espresso (if using). Stir until dissolved. Add the chocolate and stir vigorously until all the chocolate is melted. Now add the vegetable oil and melted butter. Stir and add the eggs, egg yolks and vanilla. Continue to whisk until batter is smooth and everything is well combined. Add the sugar 1 cup at a time and mix well. Finally, add the flour and salt and using a spatula mix until thoroughly combined. Transfer to your baking pan and bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes. Allow to cool in the pan for another 10-15 minutes then take out of the pan using the foil liner and rest for another half hour or so before slicing!



  1. heatherk

    Oh my! You had me at brownie. Girl, this looks so good I am drooling at my desk right now. Please oh please move to Dallas so I can be your taste tester!


  2. Ruth

    Had me at brownie. I want one now but will have to wait. Maybe for a treat at the end of the month.

  3. Mary

    I knew I had unsalted butter in my frig for a reason!

  4. Kelli

    BROWNIES….Say no more!!! Cant wait to try these!

  5. Sara

    Oh Girl…. These look amazing. So much for my diet beginning on Monday!!

  6. Angie Ward

    I love brownies but have never cared for homemade ones. I will give these a try!!!

  7. Shea

    Yum! I want to make these, and eat them RIGHT NOW!!

  8. tara

    I’ve been looking for a yummy brownie recipe that is better than a box! I’ll have to try this!

  9. Kelly

    I believe you! I can’t wait to try this!!

    btw – will send u my recipe this afternoon 🙂

  10. Kelli

    I made Spinach grilled cheese and my whole house LOVED them. We couldnt get enough. Although I had to tell a little white lie to my children to get them to take the first bite but at the end I told them the truth and they still loved them. Since they were green I knew they wouldnt even try them so I told them that we were eating like Dr. Seuss did when he ate green eggs and ham. I told them that I put food coloring in the cheese to make them green! Hahaha It worked and I cant even began to tell you how much they loved every bite as they scarfed them down

  11. Shellie

    Oh, man. So now I know the first thing I’m making your father after we finish the Daniel fast! The pics are so beautiful I feel like I could reach in and pinch off a bite!

  12. Tiffanie

    Those look soooo good! Ive never had homemade brownies before!

  13. Tahemeem

    Love the ooey gooey texture 🙂
    Hey thanks a lot for stopping by my blog and ur encouragement 🙂

  14. Khara

    I believe you! Brownies are my favorite and those look to die for!

  15. Rachel

    ACK! This was my one weakness while pregnant. Warm brownies with Breyers vanilla bean ice cream. Gosh I’m hungry just looking at the pictures above! Looks delish!

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  17. Suchitra

    who wouldn’t love your gooey brownies- darn I am having coffee and will love to get my hands on one of your brownies-

  18. Beth

    These look so,so moist and chocolately!

  19. carolinaheartstrings

    These look wonderful. I love a brownie.

  20. Allison @ Alli 'n Son

    These sound amazing!!! Will you bring me a pan after I have the baby? 😉

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  22. JoAnn Kirsits

    I would like the recipe of Dr. Oz’z ultimate brownie. thank you in advance.

  23. Monica

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My eight year old says that these are the best brownies ever (and he knows his chocolate)! The brownies are beautiful and taste wonderfully homecrafted. Thanks, again.

  24. Evelyn A.

    Question – What do I do with the 5 ounces of the bittersweet chocolate?
    Is that to be melted in the beginning with the cocoa powder and the 4 ounces of the semi-sweet chocolate?
    Please let me know.
    I would love to make this for dessert this week.
    Evelyn A.

  25. Kim

    Can someone comment on what brand of chocolate you used? Most grocery stores don’t sell the higher end chocolates. Thanks!!

  26. Kristin

    What size pan do you bake these in? Thanks!

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